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Nevada Landing Scare

Chris Smith, CA, USA
September 2001

The only logical explanation for this has been disproved, so...

Last time I went to Nevada (Trip to Vegas, but we stayed in Jean... the Nevada Landing). After I was done with the arcade, I went up to the hotel room by myself. Then I got a call from my cousin asking me to go up to his room (1 floor above us). So I walked down the hallway to the elevator, then suddenly, I heard this big thumping sound, as if someone was walking angrily, coming from behind me. I looked behind me and saw nothing, but the footsteps continued. My heart began to race, so I started running, and then the footsteps went faster. Then I started to panic. I got to the elevator and went to chill out with my cousins.

When I returned to my room, (I had forgotten about the footsteps) I started hearing some strange noises. I called my aunt, and she said she heard nothing, not even the heavy footsteps earlier.

I'm afraid to stay at the Nevada landing now. I was staying in the North area of the hotel.

Chris Smith, CA, USA
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