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Never A Boring Night In That House

February 2003

Well, just to set things up this was a house I have only been to once as *Mel was a friend of one of my friends- *Jen in high school. I knew them through the drama club. I can personally vouch for only one of the experiences (I was there for the one), the others I heard straight from Mel and Jen and believe them 100% if for any reason, my own experience there...

Mel's house is a very old farmhouse way out in the boondocks, dirt road, no neighbors, the works. At play rehearsals Mel would always joke about the family "poltergeist" and the crazy stuff it would do because the competition for attention in their house was fierce-they had 12 people in their family.

Well one night after play practice Mel, Jen and I went back to Mel's house and were watching The Princess Bride (great flick) when we heard a crash in the kitchen (around the corner from the living room). Startled, I was hoping it was one of her many family members that had come home but no one answered when Mel called out. So she went into the kitchen and a jar of jelly had fallen out of the cupboard onto the floor and was smashed. She came back in and said she needed help cleaning the mess in the kitchen. Jen and myself went to help and we all went out to the garage to get the mop and some rags.

Honest to Pete when we came back in the mess on the floor was gone! We all just stared at each other and then Mel and Jen just turned around and I followed (speechless) to return everything back to the garage. I asked what the heck happened and they both just said it was the family poltergeist. Mel had a name for it, I think it was Herman.

I couldn't believe how calm she seemed to be about it. It was then that we went back to the living room to continue watching the movie and talk. Absolutely dumb struck but intrigued at the same time I wanted to ask Mel all kinds of questions. I got her to talk about some of the things that have happened, Jen was able to back up some of it because she had been there for some of the instances. The only story I can remember all the details to is the one about the Christmas tree in 1992 (the year before at the time).

The family all went out and got a real tree. Mel had said that it was a huge headache, her dad just couldn't get it straight in the stand and everyone was getting anxious just to set it up and decorate it. Finally they just left it a little crooked and were going to decorate it the next day since it got to be late in the evening.

The next morning Mel heard her mom yelling and her dad swearing. She went out to the kitchen and saw her whole family bickering and looking out the window. He dad thought one or more of the kids was to blame and kept saying how expensive the tree had been. Everyone said that they hadn't touched the tree. Finally Mel asked what was wrong with the tree. Her mom then pointed out the back window and Mel saw it on its side in the backyard. A closer look and you could tell that there were no footprints around it to indicate that it had been a person(s) who moved it. There was no way it could have been thrown from the doorway because the doorway was very narrow and didn't even face that direction it was on the side of the house and besides,the tree was enormous, no way it could be thrown that far by anyone in the family. Weird.

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