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Never Let The Business Go Down

Ryan R, Ontario, Canada
April 2000

The story I am Submitting, I have written in before, but it was not explained very well at all. I am about to re-tell a very true story that actually made my grandmother along with me and my sister think we were crazy.

It all started about a year ago, my grandmother owns a kitchen shop in our humble little town which has quite fascinating pasts. But along with the past, comes it's tragedies of course. My grandma a year ago as you know, was informed that the previous owner of the building had died in a rather extremely upsetting death. His business was going bankrupt and thats when his life ended. This is where it all began.

The first experience was when my grandma was locking up the store and going upstairs to her house (above the store), when she was locking up she heard a faint voice of a woman calling out and she thought someone was still in the store so she went back in and nobody was to be found in the entire store. So she just went upstairs.

The next morning, my grandma came down to open up before the rest of them came, and on the floor was lying a bag of raisins, a bag of sugar, and a dessert cookbook on the floor. These were all on shelves that are high up and they could NOT have fallen unless someone was to pick them up and throw them there. Also, the bags were opened and these were also packaged up really well. Someone would have to open those by hand. So my grandma was confused but didn't make a fuss, and cleaned it up.

At the end of the day, my grandma was taking out the grand totals and the cash etc...and there was an exact amount (right to the penny) missing! She took a minute to think, then she remembered the things from that morning! She grabbed the packages and the cookbook from the back and added up those totals, and they came out to the same. As she was doing this at the register at the front of the store, she looked over to the over half of the store when In walked a man in a raincoat and a hat. His face was covered so she could not see him. He walked in the kitchen area/back storage area, and my grandma called out "I'm sorry, we're closed" but he was in there already, so then she walked into the back after him. Nobody was there. The back door was locked and everything. And the back door only locks from the inside.

Those are main experiences, I've had some encounters with the ghost just when I was helping out shelving, stocking.......Things were falling off shelves....It's strange though, Nobody has talked about him for awhile.

Its still an unexplained story, and I know that its still not over. I plan on going in, and finding out the secrets to the building once and for all. Because this ghost is trying to tell me and my grandma something, there's something more that we have to know that hes trying to communicate. And I plan on finding out.

Ryan R, Ontario, Canada
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