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Never Mock Spirits

Melanie Lafferty, Texas USA
February 1999

Well, let me start out by saying that I never believed in any paranormal activity until this heart clenching event.

I lived next door to my three cousins since birth, and they all had imaginary friends. I was sure they just had overactive imaginations, but when they still saw "figures" in their house, at sixteen and seventeen, I was a little unsure. There were two girls and one boy. The girl, Amanda, was only seven months younger than me, so we played every day until dark. Her brother was about five years older and her sister, Melissa, was about ten years older.

Amanda and I were about thirteen, and we were visiting Melissa for our summer vacation. Over the years she had married and had two children: Ashtyn, two at this time, and Dylan, five at this time. Well, Melissa had just purchased a brand new three bedroom, two bathroom mobile home, and swore up and down that something was in the house. I didn't believe her, in my mind a brand new house couldn't possibly be haunted. Melissa said that the room at the end of the hall was inhabited by something. She said that the door wouldn't close and if she did close it, the next morning it would be open.

When we arrived at her home, immediately I laughed when told of her newest family member. I was saying stuff like "Perverted ghost probably watches us shower." and "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

Melissa warned me not to mock the spirit, but still I was laughing in disbelief. Later that night, Melissa and her husband needed to go to the store, so they left the children with Amanda and me. Not long after they left, we heard this savage beating in the back bedroom. Immediately, I thought that someone had broken into the house. The kids were playing Sega, and didn't seem bothered. Suddenly, Ashtyn ran into the back room and ran back into the living room. She said, "That man in there, He big." The scary part about this was that she couldn't talk yet. Whatever she saw made her talk, and she could talk clear, too. This beating went on until it started moving up the hall. With every dreadful step, "It" would punch the wall. It was getting closer and closer, the feeling I had was pure insanity. I know that sounds weird, but I thought that I was going crazy. My life flashed before my eyes, I thought that a burglar was going to kill us all. It entered the bedroom, still unseen by all, and started throwing toys and kicking the walls. By now, I was in Amanda's lap crying like a baby, the children seemed unbothered. It left the room and started to make the grand entry into the living room, where we sat petrified. If you could only imagine what I expected to see, you wouldn't sleep good at night.

"STOMP"...."STOMP"....We heard right in front of us, but we couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, the door burst open and Melissa was there crying too. Whatever was in the room vanished when the door opened. Melissa said that as they crossed the rail road tracks, she got an overwhelming feeling to turn around and to come home. She knew something was wrong, and felt extreme panic.

I have thought about what "It" could have been, and don't really know. Melissa thinks that people who come into a home bring in spirits, evil or good-natured. Maybe someone who was interested in purchasing the mobile home entered it with an evil spirit. I don't know how it found it's way into the home, but I know it is there. I always wonder what would have happened if Melissa wouldn't have come back for us. Would I be here today to tell you this story? Who knows, but one thing I do know is that never again in my life will I ever make fun of a spirit or ghost.

Melanie Lafferty, Texas USA
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