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Never Seen Again at Fifteen

Colorado, USA
June 1998

Ghosts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but this story was one that I hope I never come close to experiencing.My fiance is Hispanic, and we live in a small rural town with a lot of wonderful cultural history. My fiance's grandma is a woman not easily frightened, she has seen many things in her years. However, one night she told us a story about a small community, not far from us, in which a terrible event took place many years ago:

On a festering summer day, in this small poor neighborhood, there was a large gathering at the local church to celebrate a young woman's fifteenth birthday. This event the Hispanics call a "quincinera". It is a celebration of the little girl turning into a young woman, heard of in many places and times.The night of celebration included eating, drinking, official announcement of the coming out, etc., and at the end of the evening, a dance. At this dance, all of the girls watched with awe as, late in the night, a beautiful young man walked into the dance. Oh, how all of the girls wanted to dance with him. He was absolutely perfect! He was pleasant and talked with many of the people that night. Everyone instantly grew fond of him, but who was this man? No one had ever seen him before, and it wasn't exactly courteous to come to a party uninvited. Nonetheless, he stayed, and eventually asked one of the girls to dance. Lucky her! The girl he picked was none other than the young one whose coming of age they were celebrating. They danced long into the night, and when this stranger asked the lady to leave with him, she quickly agreed. They said good bye to those who were still there, and began to walk out the door. Wishing it were them leaving with him, many of the girls enviously watched them leave. Then the man turned around for one final look, and as he did everyone in the hall was shocked to see that he had goat's feet for legs. This girl was never seen again.

I will not bore you with "I swear it's true", or "She is trustworthy", nothing like that. This old woman knows many things, and sees many things, and she was there that night and watched this girl walk out the door with this thing never to be seen again, and I don't doubt her authenticity. Do you?

Colorado, USA
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