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New Home

January 2003

I just moved to Traverse City not too long ago, maybe two years. Traverse City is and isn't like your normal town. It can be boring and then it can not be. I like to do my own adventures from time to time. Just go around empty houses and say that there are ghosts living in that house right now. OK and on with my experience.

I still live with my dad and we just moved into this house maybe two or more years ago. It was unfinished, like the lower half wasn't finished yet. As a result of living with my dad I sleep in the unfinished part of the house.

One night when I was sleeping, I was craving for music to listen to but it was out in my car. I can't sleep without any music or at least a radio on, I can't have a radio on because my parents sleep right above me. So, I just tough it out.

While I was laying there I heard this high pitched buzzing noise around the whole room. I didn't know what it was, it couldn't be a bug because the sound was traveling way to fast for a bug to travel also it was in the middle of winter. Both of my parents were sleeping at the time. I just couldn't put my finger on the sound, it scared me half to death. I lay in my bed with covers over my eyes, listening to this shrieking sound around the room. Maybe an hour later I fall asleep and it never happened again.

I get this feeling that someone is watching me or is with me. I've had that feeling for most of my life, or what I can remember. While I type in the basement I can feel some one's eyes on my back. In the bathroom up stairs is a mirror, a pretty good size mirror. On the mirror is scratch marks that looks like some one did but it looks like the marks are on the other side of the mirror and no one, or that I know of, has taken it down.

Also in Traverse City is a state hospital which is closed down now and abandoned. There are about 10 buildings for this hospital, each having a different name or building name (example: women's dining room).

One night, in the summer, a friend and I went around the hospital just too look what it looks like up close. I suggested we get out of the car and get an even closer look. There were some houses that they had that were used for doctors to stay in from out of town or nurseries. My friend was telling me stories about each building. She told me once that a couple of friends of her's decided to stay inside one night. Each of them didn't want to stay there any longer because they heard people talking from some of the rooms, they felt like some one or many people were there in that same room with them. My friend told me that many people had died in the hospital. Some parts were actually a asylum, there is even an underground passage connected to every building in the area. So if your ever in TC, check out the place, it is so beautiful on the outside and even better in the dark.

This is my last one, this was really bad. Before I move to Traverse City, I lived in Clarkston about an hour North of Detroit. We moved into this house that had it all, a huge basement, 2 or more living rooms, and a pool bigger than the house itself. My uncle used to live with us and at that time my brother and I slept in the same room.

He wasn't one of those people that if you felt more than one person in the room you'd go tell your mom or dad but if I did he'd come as fast as I did because he knew.

Anyways, one night like around 2 or 3 in the morning, I woke up to a whistle in my closet. Now it could have been many things, I know like one of our toys, or video games was still on but we didn't keep anything in out closet except our clothes. I didn't know what it was and I didn't care to know. I didn't go running from more, it really didn't bother me until it got stronger and then it faded and then got stronger again. After a while it stopped. Then I feel back to sleep. I asked my brother, the next morning, if he woke up to any noise he said he wasn't in the room at all.

A year later, my uncle moved out with his daughter, so that left two open rooms in the basement. My brother got my uncle's old room and I got my cousin's. Through the whole time I was living in that house I felt an evil feeling coming from my closet. I didn't like to have it open or shut, I didn't sleep in my room that much. The feeling was too evil for me. It could just be me. It was one of those rooms in the deepest darkest corners of the basement, where you have to turn two corners to get to the door. I remember shutting my closet doors one night for a test to see if I liked it open or shut or half and half. I had it shut when I went to bed but the next morning it was open. I woke up before anybody else got up like around 5am. I hated that room. I tried telling my parents and my brother but they don't believe me unless they have proof.

Well, you probably just think I'm a scardy cat and I'm just afraid of every room I live in. If you do or you have any feelings you'd like to tell me please email me, I'd really like to know what you think.

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