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New House, New Roommates

Hannah, WA, USA
May 2005

My family and I recently moved into a new house and have been liking it so far. My mom has always been sensitive to the paranormal and the unseen and has passed it on to my brother, sister and I. Not as much as her, but enough to know when someone else who can't been seen is in the room.

We've always lived in apartments so a two-story house was quite a change, but it was nice. When we first moved in we were so excited that we didn't notice anything out of the normal, it only took a few weeks for things to start kicking in.

The first, main thing were the footsteps upstairs. Mostly in my sisters room which is above the living room, at the end of my bed above the informal dining room and nest to my brother's window above the formal dining room. At first we mistook it for creaking in the floor, until they started stomping. Then we knew...

Another rare occasion that's only happened once was when I was trying to sleep in my room and like always my door was closed. Everyone else was sleeping also. I heard footsteps run up the stairs and stop outside my door and I would hear a man who's out of breath from running up and down the stairs and this happened for about five minutes and then never again.

I have these two beaded curtains in my room in front of my closet replacing the doors. One has Jesus and the other one has the Virgin Mary on it. I will be laying in bed and they will start to move, not like someone is moving them, but they go in a wave pattern at the bottom of the curtain. My mother and finance have both seen this. Sometimes they move and then abruptly stop.

There is a cold spot on the second case of stairs while going up it's on the right hand side, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. Usually the floor in my room (ankle and below) is very cold. We checked the seams upstairs and there's nothing.

My mom's reported things grabbing her arm and occasionally out of the corner of my eye I will see something walking up or down the stairs.

They've not harmed us yet and I don't think those are their intentions but we don't open the door to my sister's room unless we have to. The doors upstairs, except mine for some reason, all stay closed.

Here's the conclusion to my long story and the part that gave me the chills... we had a contractor working on our house repairing things and installing a new patio door and as he was upstairs fixing a leak in the toilet, my mom was walking by and he said, in a whisper, "Hey, hey, come here." My mom was curious so she went up to him. He said, "Closer." She got closer and he said, "I can feel the energy up here. There's something up here isn't there?"

We still live in the house, the last incident happened this past week (March 18-25, 2005).

Hope you enjoyed.

Hannah, WA, USA
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