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New Houses, New Occurrences

Nick, East Sussex, UK
August 2011

Me and my friend Rob live in some new houses that were once a workhouse and later a hospital. The other night, we had a sleepover and we just watched a load of telly. Rob fell asleep at around 1 AM but I was still wide awake, so I went on the internet to look at ghost stories and go on Facebook. I stopped at around 1:30 AM and went to sleep. When I was about to drift off, something grunted and breathed into my ear. I sat up and looked around, all I could hear were footsteps treading around the couch and out the door. Stuff like this has happened loads to us, especially to me. In my house, the top floor was the surgery of the hospital.

My room is on the top floor of my house and there was a night that I have never forgotten in my life. Basically, I was going to bed, and I opened my door and switched my lamp on. It was flickering and the atmosphere was so cold. I ignored it and carried on attempting to sleep. At around midnight, I awoke and a figure was standing, waving at me. It was coming closer so I screamed. My dad ran in and I slept on the floor for the rest of the night.

Nick, East Sussex, UK
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