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New Year's Wolves

Jamie Kellum, OH, USA
March 2006

My story begins on New Year's Eve 2004. My mother and I were watching the programs they show every year. You know the ones that end with the dropping of the huge ball at times square to ring in the New Year.

A friend of mine, let's call him Tony, showed up to watch TV with us. The three of us sat there and watched the whole ball drop program. Upon the dropping of the ball we opened the door and I walked out to yell "Happy New Year" and other random things. I was greeted with other people yelling and even fireworks and gunshots. So we went back in and I got out a DVD and we all watched it.

Several hours later, the DVD is over and my friend is about to head home for the night. I live in a trailer park, so Tony only lived about thirty feet away from me. I told him I'd come outside and Tony decided that instead of going home we'd walk around the trailer park for a bit.

We headed outside at about 3:45 in the morning and were surprised to find it was foggy and cold. (It had been a very clear warm December night.) The fog was dense and kind of creepy, so of course we couldn't resist walking in it for a while.

My trailer park is u-shaped. If you come in through one road and go all the way to the back, you'll go around and wind up at the other entrance. Behind the trailer park is a train track and thick woods. On one side is a huge lumber yard that is fenced off to prevent trespassing, and on the other side is a large empty field. We began our walk around the back and started walking up the road opposite of the one I lived on. We got about halfway up the road before we heard a noise.

Stopping to listen to the noise, I happened to glance up the road and I saw it. "It" was almost unseen because of the thick fog obstructing my view, but I could see it clear enough. It was an enormous wolf-looking thing. It was walking across the road toward my side of the trailer park. It stood probably thirty feet from where I was, and I could see it was easily four feet high while standing on four legs.

Tony glanced up, saw it, and gasped. The thing must have heard this because it stopped, turned toward us, and stood up on two legs!

It stood there all hunched over like it wasn't used to standing that way, but it still looked to be at least eight feet high. Tony and I were thoroughly freaked out, so we began walking backward the way we came.

The thing took a few steps toward us, made a strange barking noise, and dashed off into the field on two legs.

Tony and I stood there a moment, then we both made a mad dash back around the bend toward my house. Upon getting there, we ran inside and sat there panting.

More recently, on December 31, 2005, I went to a friend's house to spend the new year. Let's call her Kris. She lived on the opposite side of the trailer park almost parallel to my place. The way the trailer park is set up, I could walk out of my place, go between two trailers, and be right in front of her house.

Well we watched the New Year's programs and sat in her house talking till probably 1:30 in the morning. I then decided that I wanted to go outside and sit in the dark. Kris said she would join me, so we went out behind her house and sat in two chairs facing the big open field. From where I sat, I could see the main road which the trailer park was found on.

We sat and talked for a while before I looked up toward the road and saw something moving. At first I didn't know what I was seeing; it was small and white and was slowly making its way down the road away from the trailer park. As it went farther away, I realized it was a person. He was wearing white shoes and was being followed by another person who I didn't see previously because of the darkness.

The two people continued up the road at a fast pace until they were out of my sight. As soon as they were out of my sight, a horrible racket started, consisting of howling, screaming, growling, and sounds of very fast hard footsteps. Upon hearing this, I was very freaked out and decided it was time to go inside. Kris was more than happy to go in, so we went back in her house.

About an hour later, I decided that it was time for me to go home. I walked out and for some strange reason was compelled to walk to the back again. I walked back to the edge of the field. There I saw an enormous wolfish-looking thing running across the field. It ran toward a tree and leaped into the air and landed on top of the tree.

Now this may not sound like anything amazing. But the tree was at least 40 feet high. It sat there and looked around. It was at this point that I decided to run home as fast as possible.

As I ran through the middle of the trailer park, I heard a long deep howl coming from behind Kris's house and saw two wolf-like eyes in the darkness. Unlike normal wolf eyes, these were crystal blue with slits for pupils.

I ran now faster than I had ever run before. I vaulted over the bent fence that separates the two sides of the trailer park and reached the steps to my house. As I turned the knob, I found it locked. I began hysterically searching my pockets for a key. I finally found it and began to unlock the door. I heard the fence begin to bend down and saw the eyes again.

Finally, the door came open. I ran inside locked the door and fell down in exhaustion.

Lets just say I'm going to be more careful next new year.

Jamie Kellum, OH, USA
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