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New Years Eve Experience

Jesse Smith, Montana, USA
July 2000

This experience happened on New Year's Eve of 1999.

I was at a friends house on New Year's Eve and three of my friends, my sister, and I decided to go for a walk up a trail on Mount Helena. As we started going up the trail we heard a drum noise in the woods RIGHT NEXT TO US to the left. We all started talking about it and as we went up the trail it got louder and louder, at one point were going to turn back to her house, but decided to be brave and curious and go up the trail, being the teenagers we are.

Finally as we got up the trail there was a separate second trail to the right. There was a trailer there, and we stopped outside the trailer there. As we were talking we didn't notice that a man came outside the trailer with a beer bottle in hand. He yelled "What are you kids doing?!" and we turned around and screamed and he screamed. We asked him about the drums and he heard them too, he was terrified by them, as were we. We talked for about five minutes and then left to go back down the trail. It was about 9:30 now and pretty dark out.

My sister and I, being the curious loudmouths we are, asked our buds if they wanted to go search for the drum people. We were scared out of our minds but intrigued at the same time, our friends did not want to go with us. As we started back for her house, the drums got quieter and quieter.

We were now in her house and were shaking of fear and told her parents about it. They did not believe us, so we said we'll show you. She lives right next to the mountain, so we started on the way to the trail. The drums were gone!

Since then we have told a few people and no one believes us. Only us five and the man in the trailer know that it was VERY real.

We plan to go to her house again next year and see if the drums are back.

Jesse Smith, Montana, USA
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