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Night Howls

Christina, FL, USA
January 2004

My husband Tim (then boyfriend), and I were living in Colorado at the time of this particular experience. We lived in an apartment building on the third floor, the top floor. It was wintertime and fairly cold outside, but not snowing. Tim woke me up in the early morning around 2:30- 3:00 am to an unforgetable sound.

It sounded like there were hundreds of dogs in our living room, howling and carrying on. It was an eerie howling sound, not like a regular dog would make. It chilled us to our bones, to this day I won't talk about it because it scared me so.
The "howling" carried on for what seemed like to us half an hour but in actuality it was but a minute or two. When it stopped Tim and I just laid there terrified to move, after a few minutes, we got up to go look in the living room.

There was nothing there, all the doors were locked, the tv and stereo were off, it was just dead silent. Another thing that made it so eerie was that even though it was in the middle of the night, the sky outside was "glowing" red, like just before sunrise, but a deeper red. The glow was bright enough for us to get to the living room without a light on. After checking out the apartment we went back to bed, but not back to sleep.

We laid there the entire night debating what it could have been. We couldn't think of anything to explain the noise we heard. One thought that I had was that maybe the battery in the smoke alarm was running low and that could have caused the noise. Tim quickly dismissed that idea, because he had just replaced the batteries in both smoke alarms the week before.

After that night we always slept with the bedroom door closed (as if that could keep anything paranormal or supernatural out of our room), and we have never heard it again, thank goodness.

Christina, FL, USA
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