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Night In The Court

Brittany, MI, USA
September 2002

Last summer my brother, Alex, my friend, Ashley, her sister Alyssa and I were playing crack the whip in our court which is shared by only one other house (Mrs.w is the only other person on our court and is never home,she has a summer home somewhere else). So we had just moved in and my parents were up late unpacking and we were bored so thats how this all started.

My brother got thrown off and went to sit down, next thing you know he is down by this really yucky little pond on our court. We started yelling his name to get him to come back and play with us when he turned and started screaming and running back towards our house. Then we all saw what he was screaming about. It looked like a black shaggy haired dog but much larger and was chasing us all back to the house. When we finally got to the garage the door was looked and the spare key was on the other side. So me being the braver one of the bunch decided to get the key while Ashley pounded on the door. I grabbed a cough syrup bottle out of one of the many boxes still in the garage and went to get the key (why cough syrup you ask to throw in the things eyes?). By the time I reached the key my mom had come to the door and we all tumbled inside.

Weird things always seem to happen to me so here is another quick story.

It was my friend's birthday party and we decided to go down her creepy basement and tell scary stories. I was in between my friend Ashley and Courtney. I heard a weird sort of quiet cry from behind the couch and so did Ashley because we both looked over the side and Ashley said "What's that!" and I looked and saw a wispy sort of shadow next to her. Nothing could have cast that shadow because all that was near the couch was an empty fish tank and a bookshelf. Plus the way the light came through wouldn't have cast a shadow that way.

Everyone started to scream and ran up the stairs. My best friend Kelly and I were shoved to the end of the line. Later on Mrs.C made me and Courtney go get ice cream.....IN THE BASEMENT!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Brittany, MI, USA
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