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Night of Terror

Tracey, Victoria, Australia
December 2005

All night the house had seemed a little weird. We have four cats who wouldn't go into the main bedroom. Normally it's where they spend the night asleep on our bed. It was a warm night but that room was cold. I didn't think anything of it as I often "felt" a presence in the house and it wasn't a bad feeling. Off to bed I went followed about an hour later by my partner, who commented on how cold it was in the room, we pulled the covers up and promptly went to sleep.

A few minutes of tossing and turning and all four cats who had finally come to sleep on the bed bolted! One was literally thrown against the window, they went everywhere like rag dolls they were thrown! My partner screamed and this all woke me. After he'd calmed down I asked him what had happened I'd felt the cats bolt. He said he'd opened his eyes as he felt he was being watched. When he did open his eyes almost touching his face was another face, that of a man (not happy) eyes that looked as though they wanted to kill. I told him he was dreaming and that his screaming had sent the cats off on a wild frenzy. I told him I would stay awake til he went to sleep. He did finally go to sleep.

Now I wasn't happy with what he had told me. I didn't like the thought of something so nasty in our home. So I got up and started wandering the house. I walked into our front loungeroom which seemed darker than normal. As I walked toward the middle of the room it felt like I'd walked though something icy. I turned around and in my face was the most haunting face I had ever seen. Menacing like it was a warning me to get out. Needless to say I stood my ground. I did go to sleep. The cats did finally settle down in another part of the house.

Although our home has been the point of many spirits before and since that night this was the most terrifying night we have ever had. This nasty spirit has not been back, and we hope he never does come back.

Tracey, Victoria, Australia
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