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Night Shift (2)

Daniel, Sweden
February 2000

I don't know if ghosts are for real or if there really are spirits out there. People tell you many stories but they are often so far out there that you don't really know what to believe.

I have never seen any sort of spirits or ghosts or any other supernatural creature, but I have felt things.

All this started when I was working as a night guard. My first two years as a guard I was working at the control center as an operator where all the emergency calls and electronic alarms are received. But you get pretty tired of that kind of work pretty fast, and I don't really like to work inside an office. I would rather be out there in the real world where the action is. I love to work night shifts, I don't know why but you could call me a "night person". So when the opportunity came for a transfer I took it.

I started to work as a patrolling guard on a monday night. The area that I was supposed to guard included six business districts, five residential districts, three industrial areas and two cemetery. At some of the places that I was suppose to guard I had to go inside and use this little device that documents the time I was inside, so the owner of that building or house and specially the company that I work for can see that i'm really doing my job.

I have never had any problem with graveyard or anything like that before and I'm not afraid of the dark. If you're afraid of the dark, night guard is NOT the job for you.

Everything started as planed on that monday. I did my rounds and I was just enjoying working at night. Tuesday went by and I could not love my work more. But on Wednesday night was the night that changed my life pretty much. It was a pretty quiet night, no alarms or anything. At about 2.00am I was driving up towards the cemetery and parked outside the graveyard. At this cemetery I had to walk the grounds to see if everything looked O.K. Some times drunk people take the chance to get a good night's sleep around the gravestones.

At this cemetery there was a small building that I had to enter and use this device that documents my presence. When you enter the doorway you turn right and then there is a long hallway with three doors, one of these doors led downstairs to the basement where they keep the dead that are going to be buried in the coming days or so.

When I passed that door a told myself that I was lucky that I didn't have to go down there. At the end of the hallway you enter an office and that's where the device is placed. I draw my card through the device and I was free to leave the building. While I was walking back up the hallway I saw a note posted on the wall. I stopped and started reading it. After a few seconds I started feeling this cold chill. That feeling was very uncomfortable for me, so I turned around and turned my flashlight on, but I could not see anything that was out of the ordinary. I really didn't like the feeling so I started walking fast towards the doorway. When I was about to turn left at the end of the hallway the chill disappeared and I stopped. I thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

While I was standing there in the dark observing the hallway for a few seconds this cold chill started coming over me again and the hairs on the back of my neck all stood up, it was like someone was in the hallway with me, but I could not see anyone. I turned around quickly and left the building in a hurry and jumped in the car and locked the doors. I was so scared that I was white in the face.

The next night I was working was on Saturday. At about 3.00 am I arrived at the cemetery that had freaked me out three days earlier. I parked outside the building that I was suppose to enter. I went out of the car and approached the door. I turned right and went down the hallway towards the office. I was so scared, but I was on a mission, just get to the device and then get the hell out of there. I draw my card and turned around and started walking back up the hallway. I can tell you that I turned my head around to look behind me 50 times while I was walking up the hallway. When I reached the doorway I stopped to take a look back down the hall. I turned my flashlight on and just stood there looking down the hall for a couple of seconds. But the strange feeling never came, everything was normal. I told myself that it was just my mind playing tricks on me the other night.

Two weeks went by and nothing specially happened at that cemetery, but I never really liked being there. But this night, my last night as a night guard was different. After this night shift I put an end to my career as a night guard.

This week I had a guard dog with me patrolling the grounds. I arrived at the cemetery at 2.30 am, I took the dog for a walk over the graveyard. It was a pretty cold night, below zero. After fifteen minutes I was done with the graveyard and I was about to enter the building. I went inside and turned right and then went down the hallway. About halfway down the hall I stopped to pick up my flashlight. When I suddenly got this weird feeling that someone was watching me from a distance. To calm myself down I told the dog to be on the watch, he started barking. I told him to calm down and be quiet, he totally ignored my order. When we entered the office the dog turned around facing back down the hall. At this moment the dog went totally crazy, totally ballistic; I have never ever heard a dog bark like this!. It was a very aggressive barking. I was flashing my flashlight down the hall to see if i could see someone down there. But all I could see was an empty hallway. Suddenly the dog stopped barking. But the dog didn't let his eyes leave the hallway, there was obviously something down there that he didn't like at all.

I was thinking to myself that no one besides me could be inside this building. The only way to find out if I was right was to let the dog go free. I let him go and called him to search the hall. He didn't move at first but after a few seconds he started to move forward. I followed him across the hall and I didn't see anything strange on the way towards the doorway. We went out the door and back to the car. I let the dog in and closed the door. While I was going towards the front door I turned around for some reason and faced the graveyard. I stared in to the dark and I was convinced that there was something out there watching me. I got in the car and left. The following day I quit my job, now I?m working with computers instead, computers can't scare you.

For those of you out there with the question......I have not experienced any of those weird feelings since that night inside that building, and i don't want to either.

Daniel, Sweden
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