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Night Visitor

Dublin, Ireland
June 1997

Ilive in a 25 year old house in Dublin with no history of strange occurrences, so needless to say when I told my family the following story, they laughed and said I was mad.

About 3 months ago I was asleep in bed one Friday night, when all of a sudden I awoke. I know this sounds corny, but there at the end of my bed was the figure of a young girl about 9 years of age, wearing an old fashioned nightdress. I was gripped by fear, in fact I've never been so scared in my life. My heart was pounding and I was totally unable to move. It sounds as if I'm a wimp, but this young girl was sneering at me as if I had done something against her. I tried to talk to her but nothing came out. She must have been standing at the end of the bed for about half a minute, and then she came around the side of the bed towards me. This really put the crappers up me. Believe it or not, as she was coming towards me, I told her to f**k off. She must have got the message, because she just disappeared. At this stage I could hardly breath, but I was able to move again. Anyway, I tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep, but it felt like there was someone there beside me, and I could feel soft cold.

After the event I'd try to figure out what happened, was it a dream or what. But I know it wasn't a dream, because It was too real, and I distinctly remember being awake.

I don't know why she appeared to me, but what really got to me was the way she was looking at me, like she knew about something, or like she wanted revenge. I think the best thing to do in such a situation is to say a prayer for the spirit, which I did.

I haven't seen the girl since, but I often wake suddenly to see a shadow flit across the room. Do I have an over-active imagination? If she was real, will she be back?

Dublin, Ireland
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