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Night Visitors

Quebec, Canada
October 1999

Before I begin, I'd like to say this isn't a ghost story in the strictest sense of the word so bear with me on this.

The house I live in with the rest of my family was new when we bought it so I don't believe our house to be haunted as such as nothing truly "weird" has ever happened there. Nothing I could qualify as paranormal at least. Nothing has ever happened that could point to the presence of ghosts in the house. In fact, I don't know if any of what I'm about to talk about has ever happened to the rest of the family (Never really asked them. I have this thing about passing for crazy).

It all started many years ago, how many I couldn't tell you, but I was relatively young. I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified that someone or something was in my room with me. Either that or I just could not get to sleep, feeling completely terrified by some kind of presence in my room. Sometimes, I would wake up to see one or more figure(s) either around my bed or elsewhere in my room, their presence having roused me from my sleep. These figures would fade fast after I had woken up.

To date, I have more or less identified three entities. A little boy (He's the only presence I have identified visually with any true degree of certainty) and two other presences, one male and one female.

The boy has never done anything except being next to my bed when I woke up in the middle of the night after feeling a presence in my room.

The female presence seems harmless enough and the only true indication of her presence I will talk about later.

The male presence is the only one that seems even remotely menacing. On two occasions when he manifested his presence, I felt my right arm becoming very cold and almost painfully tingly. As far as I know, he appears as a white silhouette and sometimes I think as a dark one (although it could be another entity).

The most vivid manifestation came two or three years ago. I was sitting in bed, not able to go to sleep (a presence kept me awake), when I heard something. I heard a soft unearthly female voice who simply said "Hi"... in English. Well its worth mentioning at this point that my native tongue is French so its a bit odd that a ghost said hi to me in English. I, of course was terrified.

All theses things always happened at night, and apparently only in my room, which leads me to think this "haunting" might be centered around my person.

The most frustrating thing in all this is that I have not witnessed any truly clear manifestation of theses entities. All the things have happened either while I was at the brink of wakefulness or in almost total darkness where shadows could easily have played tricks with my mind.

The only more or less clear manifestation was the ghostly "Hi" but even that I'm inclined to have doubts about. You can see how I could find all of this a bit frustrating.

It has been almost a year since I have had any "apparitions" at my bedside so my confusion grows even greater still. Was this all just the product of my overactive imagination? Until I get any clear indication of a haunting, I can only speculate.

Quebec, Canada
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