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Night Wakings

Bethany, Hong Kong
October 2010

As I child I have always had ghostly encounters. Living in old haunted houses I always saw things I did not want to see and it was only until I was about 10 years old that seeing these spirits stopped. We moved out of our house and to another city.

Last night everything changed. Even though I did not see anything, I was woken to a woman saying my name "Bethany". At first I thought it was my mother, but when I checked the time "4:26 AM" and walked about the house...everybody was fast asleep.

I ended up turning the bathroom light on so I felt more safe, but still could not sleep. I ended up moving into my sisters room in the end as I was completely horrified as to who could have said my name.

I eventually fell back asleep, but not long after awoke to the feeling of somebody's hand placed upon my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see if it was any of my other family members, but to my shock horror, nobody was there and it was still dark outside. I checked the time and it was "5:46 AM".

I am still unsure as to what happened to me last night. If anybody has any ideas as to what it could have been, please let me know by contacting me.

Bethany, Hong Kong
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