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Nightly Guests

October 1999

Imoved into a little apartment that was one of four in an old house in a little town in MI. It was my 3 small children, my husband, and myself. I don't know what was there, but it was definitely something. There was an uneasy feeling from day one of living there. It was a feeling that someone was there watching you at all times. I never liked being home alone, but nothing ever really started happening till we'd lived there almost a year. It all started with just a chill passing through the room. A little noise you couldn't explain.

Then my husband and I split up and things really started to happen. I always thought that my children just gave me a hard time going to bed. Waking up in the middle of the night was a normal ritual. I started hearing things at night I would just play off as neighbors talking outside. That was until it/they started calling my name. The first time I thought maybe I was just dreaming. It was like a soft whisper. I of course started getting freaked out and would just start praying that the voices would go away. One night while laying in bed it whispered my name and I felt something cold touch my shoulder. When I rolled over to see what was there I didn't see anything but the whole side of my bed was cold. When I started to roll over more the cold went over my arm and half way across my body. All I could think of was to pray it would go away and try to find someone that might know what was going on. that night it stormed terribly. I had to get up for work at 5am. about 4:30 the storm got really loud and ended up with all the kids in my bed. I figured since I wasn't going to get any sleep anyways and they had fallen back to sleep I would get up and get an early start. All of the sudden my oldest child started screaming and crying. When I ran in my bedroom all he kept saying is," they're talking to me. they won't stop talking to me." I could never get out of him what it had said, but whatever it was scared him to death. I finally found a psychic that told me there were three entities in my home. She had said they wouldn't hurt us, but they already had me and my children scared to death. I moved out as soon as I could to stay with my aunt until moving downstate. The last episode I had was just after I moved in with her. I was dreaming about children. They were everywhere. They were not friendly at all. Crying, screaming at me, but I didn't know what they were saying. I woke up shaken and eventually fell back asleep. The next morning my aunt and I couldn't believe what had happened. I awoke with hand prints around my neck. I didn't hesitate to move downstate. To this day if you ask one of my sons about that apartment they will start talking about how things would talk to them in the middle of the night. I haven't had another experience like that and I hope I never will. I've had a lot of paranormal experiences before, but none have ever affected me like this.

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