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Nightly Visitor

August 2001

When I was 19 years old my parents and little sister moved into a very old farm house. It was located in Broadway, NC. I was not living with them at this time, I live an hour away. Every weekend my sister, roomate and I would drive to my parents house to party and spend the night. The house is very old and has a little bit of a creepy feeling to it. They have lived there for 2 years now and I like the house now.

I am pretty perceptive to spirits and although I have never seen one myself, I can often feel when they are in the room. When they frist moved in and I would stay the night there I would not sleep very well at all, kind of sensing something was not right. Nothing ever happened to me in this house but one time something did happen to my little sister and my parents.

One night my parents were sitting in the living room watching a movie on TV. My little sisters bedroom in directly off the living room, maybe 10 feet from where my parents were sitting on the couch. My sisters door is broken and is often open a few inches all the time. All of the sudden my parents said that they heard my sister say "Who are you?" and then she repeated again, more urgently "Who are you?" then I think she started yelling for my Dad. The house is very easy to break into and my parents thought that there was an intruder in my sisters room.

My Dad went and got his shot gun and went bursting into her bedroom ready to get the intruder. But, my sister was laying in bed completely alone. My parents were very confused and thought that maybe my sister had a nightmare. Then my sister told them that she really had seen someone in her room. She said that she had woken up and she saw a black figure standing in her room. Thats when she started asking it who it was. She said when it didn't answer her thats when she got scared and started screaming for my parents.

Nothing has ever happened since that night and I have spent many nights in that house and in her room. But, I always knew there was a spirit there.....

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