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Nightly Visitors (2)

Sapphire Angela Roberts, Ashford, South Australia
October 2011

Ok, so let me tell you about myself first. I have always believed in ghosts and the paranormal. And I somehow have been attached to ghosts from my childhood. So now the story.

We have been living in an old house in Ashford, SA. It's a pretty big house, with two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a beautiful living room. Well, everything was all right the first few days but after a few weeks, things started to happen. Things would disappear from their places and appear at different areas of the house, sound of heavy breathing, red eyes would appear staring at us and then disappear into thin air, the bed would shake violently at night and the things are unaccountable.

But after months we started seeing things. I would often see headless cats walking in the hallway, and this "white lady" would often visit us at night. She had black hair and pale white skin and would walk around my room. Sometimes I heard her saying things like "Get out," "This is my house" and "Leave this house." But any of the spirits did not harm us. After years, things started settling down and we no longer experience things.

Sapphire Angela Roberts, Ashford, South Australia
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