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Nightmare on 12th Street

Kimberly Peats, AZ, USA
October 2002

This occurred during the time I spent in Klamath Falls Oregon with my mother and Stepfather.

We lived in a run down house with a full basement. There was only one entrance to the basement which was through the kitchen and we kept the door locked at all times since we did not want anyone leaving the door open for fear of a draft, it gets dreadfully cold there.

A little background on the house:

An acquaintance of mine lived there for several years until his Mom passed away in the home. Everyone said what a nice woman she was though I had never met her. There were several occurrences in this house so I will try to keep them short.

I had a waterbed in my room and one night I felt fingers run down my body from inside the water bed. I jumped out and ran into my mothers room and slept on their floor.

Another time a friend of mine was over and we were drawing some sketches at the dining room table with the stereo playing. She got up to use the restroom and I was not watching. The radio changed stations and I looked up to yell at her to turn it back because I liked the song and she was across the room looking at me! She did not touch it! I, being brave, went over to the stereo to turn it back and the knob spun back to its original position. We ran out of that place so fast you would have thought we were on fire!

On another occasion I was dozing on the couch with my favorite cat laying on my chest when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as though someone had entered the room. I opened my eyes to see nothing but my cat, Chubby, staring at something with his hair all fuzzed out. So I decided I was just being silly. As soon as I closed my eyes a mans voice screamed "HEY!" Into my ear, the cat heard it and ran from the room with me right on his heels.

I had my friend from the previous experience spend the night with me as I was afraid to go to bed at night, so she did I did not tell her about the voice. I slept wonderfully and when I woke my friend was laying there wide awake and said "Kim, something screamed "Hey"! In my ear last night and it scared Chubby right off my chest! I told her about my experience and she scolded me for not telling her before she spent the night.

And on the last occasion before I moved out, the same friend and I were sitting on the couch watching television when this terrible noise came from the basement and proceeded to get louder and the house began to shake, we thought it was an earthquake at first, but we were to scared to move. After about 5 minutes of this my stepfather came home and when we asked what that was he said it was the washing machine. I proceeded to tell him we had not been in the basement because I did not have a key to unlock the door. He laughed and said "cool, we have a ghost," and I sat there dumbfounded and asked him to go turn the washing machine off because we were scared. As soon as he opened the door it went off by itself.

I have moved out from that house and it has been at least ten years since I have lived there but I am still curious if anyone since then has had the same experiences.

Kimberly Peats, AZ, USA
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