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No Longer At Work Alone

Nicola, UK
March 2004

I like to get into work at about 7.30am, before everyone else is in the building. I work in a GP surgery and I unlock, turn off the alarm and go into my office. I don't start work immediately, I make some breakfast, check my emails, and before starting my work, one thing I've liked to do for some time now is visit my fave ghostly websites (obviously COS is one) and cut and paste some stories onto Word for Windows so that I can read them in my lunch break or when things get quiet and won't be using the Internet!

I've always thought how unscary it is coming into work so early, even when it's still dark. I'd never had a spooky feeling before, and I am easily spooked! (Probably all the ghost stories I read). Well, that all changed at the end of last week.

It was all okay until I came upstairs to my office. The building is set out so that you go through Reception, up some stairs, and to a landing. From that landing, you can see downstairs and there are two light fittings with huge dangling light shades hanging from the lower ceiling.

This particular morning last week, I was doing my usual cut-and-pasting of ghost stories, and then I went out of my office door meaning to make a cup of tea in the kitchen next door. When I came out of my office though, I stopped dead. I was definitely all alone in the building, I hadn't turned on the radio, yet I could distinctly hear voices, I couldn't make out any words and it was for a split second, but then I noticed that the light shades that hung from the ceiling downstairs were swaying. They are well away from any window, and although they do sway when people stir up air walking by, I had only come out of my door and stopped, I hadn't walked anywhere at all! I was pretty spooked, and spent the rest of the time until people started arriving for work inside my office with the door shut. Nothing else happened until this morning.

This morning, I couldn't resist and began trying to cut-and- paste again (I just love everyone's stories) and I went into one website. I did the usual procedure, but when I looked, nothing had been pasted on the page in front of me. I tried again and again, and then suddenly the computer said there was an 'illegal error' and threw me right out of the Net. I went in again, and the same thing happened. I then tried COS, and the same thing happened. When I did manage to cut-and-paste, nothing came up on the screen again! It sounds like nothing much, but I've been working here for eight months and it's only in the last week or so that things like this have happened, and most seem to be centred around me using these ghostly sites.

This morning, my transcriber was turned on and sitting on my desk next to me as it usually is, and suddenly it began to make a strange noise, as if there was some kind of static interference, my mobile is not here with me as it is broken, and there is nothing else that could have interfered with the transcriber, and it has never ever happened before!

I am now no longer going to visit or cut-and-paste ghost stories at work as I am completely spooked now. I live alone, and don't want anything following me home! Perhaps this is all a coincidence and just a series events that can be explained away... but my intuition says that something is a bit weird! I will stick to reading these ghost stories in Internet cafes in future, no more cut-and- pasting at work! I hope that telling this tale and not visiting these sites at work any more will please whatever it is that didn't seem to like it!?

I always worried my total fascination with things paranormal would encourage something to happen. And believe me, I don't want that! I'd rather abandon my interest in all this and stay well away from ghostly experiences of my own!!

Nicola, UK
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