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No Nunsense and Other Stories

August 2002

Let me begin with a brief history so that you can fully comprehend the first story.

My mother had been going to college to become a nurse. To begin her training, and to have a good job to aid my father in providing for my family, she decided to work at a home for retired nuns; almost like a nursing home, which was my mother's desire: to work in geriatrics.

It all began one weekend when my mom was working at this particular home. Work could become very monotonous, and since many of the other nurses working there spoke no English or weren't very kind to her, she wanted me to go with her, just for the day.

My mom was tending to her job, so I was left alone in the *living* room (haha, that was a joke!!!) I was just sitting by the window, gazing out of it, until I got the urge to turn around. Against my own will I did, and I stared at the rocking chair. Slowly, it began to rock. When I closed my eyes and re-opened them, it was still rocking, but this time I viewed an elderly nun, quite transparent, but still in full color. I kept looking, and realized that I recognized her from a picture my mom had shown me. (She had pictures of all of them (the nuns) and she let me see them so that I could remember names and faces when I visited there.) No windows were open and, truthfully, I could find no other explanation.

I informed my mother of this incident, but she said nothing...until the next time I went.

Being 11 and curious, I did go back. That's when I sat down with my mom and she explained to me that many of the nuns were dead; dropping down like flies!!! To my surprise, she believed my experience... and shared some of her own. In a couple of the rooms where nuns had died, lights had gone on and off, windows opened, doors unlocked and opened. They had been locked after their deaths and no one ever went in had this happened? Also, they heard one woman in a room moaning, crying and making much noise. As they were about to enter the room, they remembered that she had died only days ago, and she sure had been a loud one! They also never put another nun in the same room as a deceased person; they received no new members, so there was no need.

Another incident occured to me, this time in my home. My friend *Jane was over my house. My sister and younger brothers were visiting relatives, my father was at work, as well as my mother, but *Jane's parents were home, so I was allowed to stay home. Basically, in four words, we were home alone.

We wanted to go outside, but also listen to music, so we turned on Z100, turned up the volume and went outside. I realized once we got out there that the volume wasn't up high enough, so I asked *Jane to go inside and turn it up for me. Not even seconds later, she returned. "That was fast," I told her and then she replied, saying that she hadn't even gone in, but she did hear the volume go up. I reasoned that maybe it was a short circuit or something, but it wasn't for sure. Then, in the middle of a song, another song came on. I went inside with her and saw that the dial was on PLJ. The second I reached out my hand to change the dial, it moved and went back to our original station! We screamed and prepared to run, until my closet door flung wide open! It was difficult to move as it was, so that was completely unexplained!!!

We moved out of the house soon after, but not before this next incident occured. Besides, we moved for a different, irrelevant reason any way.

I was sleeping in my top bunk with my sister. Relevant info: our room was right next to the bathroom. It was the night before my cousin's baptism. I was awoken from my sleep with the sound of vomiting in the toilet. I looked down: my sister was asleep. My baby brothers were infants, so they couldn't be in the bathroom...they were still in cribs! My parents had a bathroom in their room, so they wouldn't be in ours, and anyway, my dad had NEVER thrown up since he was at least 4 or something like that. Also, it just sounded female somehow, maybe more delicate or something?...

The next morning I asked my mother if she had gotten sick the night before. Her reply was, "How could I get sick? Today is the baptism and I'm the Godmother!"

This next occurrance was told to me by some relatives, who wish to remain anonymous.

My great-grandfather (my mother's grandpa) had died, leaving my great-grandma alone in the house. One of my uncles and second cousins, who at the time did not remain in contact with each other, had the same experiences. My uncle walked into g-grandma's house. When she walked in the room, he asked, "Is there something wrong with grandpa? He's not talking."
"Didn't you know," she replied, "that grandpa died?" Apparently he did not know, and being that our family was very skeptical, it was hard not to believe him! My cousin said the same thing.

Later, a priest came to the house, went in the attic to report that there were indeed spirits in the house and soon exorcised/blessed it.

When my g-grandma died, my mom, sister and I stayed in her house, in her room, in her bed! I'm not positive what my mom's exact words were, but she said that something paranormal happened while we slept; we were very close with her.

My friend *Carly, who lives across the street from me, and I were swapping scary stories. She informed me that she saw a man in the frame of her bedroom door. I told her that I had, too. We sat down on opposite sides of the room and wrote what he looked like. We had written the same things: a tall man in a trench coat and top hat. We don't know who he is or why he has visited us!!!

My last story (I'm sorry if you're bored and this is taking so long!!!) takes place in Chicago. My other second cousin had been moving around with her boyfriend. In a couple of houses, weird things happened. In one, a crucifix that her mother had given her, along with her bathrobe that she had recently worn, disappeared. Lights went on and off whenever she was home alone and she constantly saw a man in the hallway. While she was packing to move out of that place, she found the crucifix wrapped in the bathrobe in the bottom of a box she had never unpacked. Her boyfriend hadn't touched either.

I'm sorry if you're a skeptic or just plain ol' don't believe me. I can barely believe myself, but my stories are true. Trust me, I wouldn't make up something like what I wrote!!! I know that I'm 14 with a bit of imagination and belief in spirits, but it's all true!!!

P.S. This symbol: * means that the name has been changed for specific reasons.

Thanks for reading...hope you enjoyed!

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