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Nobody Believed Me

February 2005

I had gone to bed with the hopes of sleeping (for once) through the whole night. That was not to be the case. You see, I woke about two in the morning, unable to fall back asleep, and very hungry. My dad had bought a chocolate-chip loaf cake when he'd gone shopping that Sunday, so I went into the kitchen and cut myself a slice. Naturally, since it was dry, I needed something to drink. So, I fixed myself a cup of tea. As I was stirring it at my kitchen counter which is by the stove, I turned to throw out the teabag and hit my head on the stovelight. Then, I heard someone calling my name. It sounded like my mom. So, I began to explain, not even turning away from my teacup, why I was up and about and in the kitchen. But, when I turned around, my mother wasn't there! No one was! So, I walked to the table and sat down.

In my kitchen, we have two ways to get into it, one door off the dining room, and one door off the living room. So, I sat in the middle chair at the table, so that I could see both entrances. As I was taking a sip, I heard laughter. I thought it was my parent's TV in their bedroom, so I got up and crept into the dining room. I peered down the narrow hallway that leads to their room, and the TV was off. I was puzzled, and walked back to the kitchen. The laughter was filling it. And then I heard my name again, through the laughter. I'd grabbed a fork by now, afraid it was some crazed killer or something. The name sounded like my dad's voice. I started screaming that he wasn't my father, but no sound came out. I'd finished my tea at least, thank God, and put the cup in the sink. I flew to my bedroom and didn't sleep that night. I was clutching the fork, and sitting up. Nothing else happened like that again.

It was Halloween, just this past October. My friend Brittany was up, and her little brother Spike was too. My cousin was also up, and was going to take us around. After one trip around some of the neighborhood, Brittany had to go back to our house to use the bathroom. I was getting thirsty about the time that Brittany was coming back out of the house. All of our parents and my cousin were still talking, so I rushed up the steps and told her to hold the door for me. She came back in with me and asked me if anyone else was in the house. I said no, and asked her why. She said that when she was coming out of the bathroom (and picking up part of her costume that had fallen on the floor), she noticed someone in my kitchen. Now, if you go into my kitchen, he table is in front of you, and the fridge is to your right. If you turned, you'd whack your nose on it. There is a gap where about two people can go through and then you are in the middle of the kitchen. The stove and such is all around, and the cabinets go all the way down the wall. There is one cabinet in particular. I used to hide in that spot when I was little and played hide- and-seek. It runs all the way to what looks like behind the fridge. But there is just enough room for a skinny person to fit. Brittany said the man was walking toward there, and disappeared. When we told my parents and Brittany's, they passed it off as just me when I went in for something to drink. But I didn't go in until AFTER Brittany had come out.

This is the last one. I had woken up at 4:44 in the morning. Crickets were chirping just outside my window. I stepped out of bed because my throat was dry, and needed something to drink. I stepped into my living room, and all the noise stopped. Odd, I thought, heading to the kitchen. When I had gotten myself a glass of water, I drank it quickly, poured another, gulped that one down, and then turned to return the cup to the sink. As I was doing so, there was the face of a black cat staring at me from the window. Now, my window is high off the ground (you need a ladder), and there is no ledge for a cat to have leapt onto. And it was the /way/ it was staring at me...all mournful and sad.

So, that's all of them! They are ALL true, I assure you!

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