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Noise Maker

Mississippi, USA
November 1999

These are things that have happened at my mother's 1950's house.

When we moved in I was always scared but did not know why. I could never sleep well there either. One day while taking a bath alone at the house I heard heavy steps come into my room and heard the bathroom doorknob turning. I was sitting in the tub and looked over at the door and saw two black shoe fronts pointing at the door (from the large crack under the door). I screamed at it and it ran off nearly slamming my bedroom door off the hinges. I was up and after the intruder with my shotgun still naked and wet. No one was in the house--it had been a familiar character who usually walks in the attic or hall.

I was so scared at night I could not sleep much. I would frequently hear heavy soled shoes at night walking in the attic. I am married now, but my mother hears them and they scare her badly. She heard him one night and he stopped in front of her bedroom door and turned the handle. When we were at home we called his name. The houses original owner took off from work for one year and oversaw the construction of the house, we think it is him. He used to open and shut doors and move things in the attic when I was there. My wife was sitting on the toilet in my old bathroom and heard me call her name softly, only it was from the closet and I was not in it. Frequently we hear a loud crashing sound come from that area of the house but nothing is ever down. It sounds like bathroom scales being slammed down on the tile floor. It is the same noise time after time.

When I was around twenty-one I went to the local library to hear a Mississippi author read from her ghost story book. I could not keep my mind off of our ghost that I knew we had at home. I went to sleep and about four-thirty am I was awakened by leaves from my silk plant (on top of my gun cabinet) falling to the floor. The plant was shaking, I turned the light on and could see the plant moving wildly. I knew it was a ghost or spirit and thought I could get it to leave me alone by telling it something to the effect of "In the name of God, leave me alone"---it didn't. I got mad by this time and it was shaking even worse, so I got a yard stick and hit the plant. The demon was excised by this action, the plant quit shaking and out came a tiny flying squirrel who ran out of the plant and ran up my grassclothed wallpapered wall. He stayed in there for three days before I caught him. All of this happened to me before I moved out.

After my sister had her first baby she came to visit my mother when the child was about nine months old. Every night the little girl cried about three o'clock until somebody came in to look at her. She had been doing this for many weeks so at three o'clock she started up and my sister and mother woke up and my sister heard my mom walk down the hall and open the baby's door and the baby stopped crying, since mom got up she did not. The next morning my sister thanked mom for taking care of the baby and mom said she did wake up but heard my sister go down the hall and into the bedroom and the baby stopped crying, I know what it was and they did too.

My aunt recently told me that right after we moved into the house she looked into the sun room and saw two rockers rocking and no one was around or in them. Mom continues to hear heavy footsteps pacing the actic over and over. Thanks for listening.

Mississippi, USA
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