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Noises of the Night

Shawndra, FL, USA
July 2003

This all happened when I was about 8 years old living in San Diego, CA. MANY things happened. Things that always happened at night. What is it about the night?

I remember one night probably around 1 AM, I was lying in bed wide awake as usual, when suddenly I heard a car stop and a little girl say "Bye daddy". I heard the car door shut, the car speed away and then a minute or so later I heard a scream. I jumped on my feet and looked out the window. Of course I saw nothing and everything was dead silent. My body got chills everywhere.

Then about a month later at midnight, I was again in my bed trying to fall asleep. I slept with my door open at that time. Then I heard what I can describe as pots and pans banging together and the burners on the stove being picked up and slammed back on the stove. All the windows downstairs were rattling loudly. It was so loud! I was so scared that I covered myself with my blanket and fell asleep.

I would also hear footsteps on the stairs. I had my bed positioned so that I could see directly into the hall. No one ever came upstairs. The footsteps just kept on going as if the person were on stairways that lasted forever. Also, I would hear tapping coming from my (extremely small) closet. Just "tap, tap, tap". I got up one night and looked in the closet. Saw nothing and went back in bed. "Tap, tap, tap" I went on till I fell asleep.

The scariest thing ever that happened to me was when it happened during the day!

I was sitting on the couch with my friend playing with kittens my cat just had. We were the only two in the house. All of a sudden I smelt cigarette smoke. My friend asked me "Do you smell that?" I said "yeah" and she said "LOOK!" She pointed to the t.v., which wasn't on, and in the reflection I saw an old lady standing there smoking. I looked over and she wasn't there. I later explained it all to my mom and she started crying. The lady I described fit the description of her mother that passed away some 6 years before when that happened.

Many weird noises went on in that house. I've heard deep voices coming from what seemed like behind the t.v. which wasn't on. Your name being called out in a soft, yet audible whisper. Banging coming from upstairs when you are downstairs. Footsteps.....

Shawndra, FL, USA
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