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North Georgia Haunting

Georgia, USA
June 2000

Ibought and moved into my home here in North Georgia in July 1983. When I first moved here everything seemed to be extremely ordinary. In November of that year I went through a very messy divorce. I lost almost everything except for the house. I eventually had no choice but to give up my job that I had been working at for many years and start work as a long distance truck driver so that I could pay my bills and child support.

My first notice that anything was amiss happened when I returned home from one of my runs, sometime in 1985. I pulled into the nearby town where I was based and dropped my refrigerated trailer. As always, I had my C.B. radio on and as I was leaving to come home I heard a girl talking on it. (I was always on the road and when I did manage to make it home I just drove the rig to my house where I could clean it and be ready to leave the next day or so). Anyway, one thing led to another and before long I was on my way home with the girl in the truck with me. On the way home I stopped and got a few beers and then we came to the house. A few months before I had had the power turned off since I was not at home for months at a time and couldn't see the need to pay any unnecessary bills.

When we got here we came in the living room and sat, drinking a beer and talking by candlelight. At one point I went to the back of the house to go to the restroom, next to the back bedroom. The door to the bedroom had been standing open for at least the last 6 months and was still open. I went back to the living room with the girl. Then she started talking some real weird talk, about how she had a ghost that followed her everywhere that she went and moved things around, etc. I was thinking to myself, "Boy, who have you picked up here?" and was just generally thinking that she was really way out there somewhere.

A little while later I went to the restroom again, only this time the bedroom door was CLOSED. The girl had never left the living room and there were no windows or doors to the outside open for any breeze or anything. I also had no pets.

The next morning I took her home and have never seen her since.

After that time, when I would come home I would come into the house, usually at night, and proceed to go to bed. A lot of times I awoke thinking that someone was in the room with me but I could not move. It seemed as if I were paralyzed or something. I never saw anything during those times but it really freaked me out. Many nights I have gone out to the driveway and climbed into the sleeper in the truck, locked the doors and slept out there. For some reason I slept like a baby out there. I am sure that my neighbors thought that I was crazy, what with the engine running and all. In 1986 I met my now-wife and she moved in with me. I changed companies where I could be home on the weekends. I began to notice when I would be sitting in the living room watching T.V. I would see a figure from the left corner of my eye. Thinking it was my wife I would turn to look but when I turned my head to the left I would see a white blur of a figure going from the laundry room hallway into my bedroom, from left to right. At first I passed it off as a trick of light or something. A few weeks later my wife asked me one day if I ever saw anything in the living room. I asked her why and didn't tell about what I saw. She gave the same exact description as I had already seen. I then started to realize that maybe it had not been a trick of light.

Some time later my nephew stayed for a few nights with us on the weekend. On Saturday morning as I was cooking breakfast he came into the kitchen and asked me the same question that my wife had, about whether I had seen anything in the living room before. I asked him why, careful not to mention anything about what we had seen. He told me that as he watched cartoons, he saw someone from the corner of his left eye at the same place where we had seen it, and thinking that it was one of us watching him, he turned to look and when he did he saw a BLACK blur of a figure go from the laundry room hallway towards our bedroom, from left to right.

One Saturday morning I awoke around 5:00 a.m. and had the urgent need to go to the restroom. As I sat on the bowl doing my business, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards the restroom. I then heard a man's voice talking. It was loud enough that I could hear it well, but I couldn't understand what was being said. I don't understand why, but for some reason I thought that my wife had gotten up from bed and had come down the hallway and continued about my business. A few minutes later I came back up the hall and into the kitchen expecting to see my wife making coffee. She wasn't. I went on to the bedroom and she was still there, sound asleep. There was also no one outside that could have been carrying on the conversation.

Also, for about 3 months after she had moved in, every night after we had gone to bed there would be a tremendous bang on the top-most glass in the bedroom window over our bed. The first few times that it happened I thought that a bird had flown into the window or something. But it sounded like someone had taken their flattened out hand and hit the window as hard as they could. We thought that it would break. We never found out what was causing this. Then it suddenly stopped. It would only happen once each night, always just after we had gone to bed, no matter what time that might have been.

About a year after we were married I was injured at work and had back surgery. I was forced to retire and for many years I have been home bound. Sometimes during the day while I have been in the kitchen, where I tend to spend most of my time, I have been startled by a very loud crash in the laundry room area of the house. It sounds like something very heavy has fallen onto the floor and it shakes the entire house. We always buy laundry detergent from the local Sam's Club in 40 lb. containers. This sounds like this barrel of detergent has been lifted about 4 feet up and dropped onto the floor. Every time that it has happened I have always investigated but have never found anything out of place or anything that could account for the tremendous noise.

Just recently I found a web site that described how to try to record EVP's. I got my micro-cassette recorder, an amplified external mic that I have, and placed a new blank cassette tape in the recorder. I then followed their advice on how to try to record EVP's. I started in the kitchen asking questions, waiting for approximately 15 seconds between questions. As I asked the questions, I walked down the hallway to the laundry room. While outside the laundry room I again asked the question "What is your name?" for the third time, and then some others pertaining to it's purpose, etc. When I played back the tape at normal speed all that I heard was myself asking the questions. Then I slowed the recorder to the other speed and listened again. This time, when I asked the question "What is your name?" for the third time, while outside the laundry room, I heard something say "NAME". Right after whatever said "NAME", I started to ask the next question. I don't know if there was anything else that would have been there or not, but if there was I covered it up with my voice. The funny thing about this though was that when I played the tape at the slow speed my voice was substantially slowed down and dragging. But the voice that said "Name" was at normal speed but kind of like a whisper. Like I said it cannot be heard when the tape is played at normal speed.

A few weeks ago I was asking my oldest son, who is now 19, if when he lived here he had ever noticed anything strange or had seen or heard anything. His immediate response was "s*&* YES!".

When he lived with us his room was the room next to the restroom where the door mysteriously closed by itself. He said that he has often heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards his room but always stopping at the restroom, voices talking, has seen the blurred figures, and also has seen shadows moving along on the walls, as if someone were walking by casting a shadow but no one was there. He continues to see these shadows when he comes to visit. I asked him where he has seen these shadows and he told me "in the kitchen, hallway by the laundry room, and in your bedroom." We had never told him of any of these happenings until after he described them to me first. My wife doesn't want me to try the EVP's again because she is afraid that I might somehow stir up things again, as they have quietened down somewhat in the last few years.

One last note: about a year ago I was outside in the yard when my next door neighbor came over and asked me if we had ever had anything strange to happen in our home. Again I didn't volunteer any information immediately, but asked him what he meant. He told me, somewhat sheepishly, that he had come home from work a couple of mornings before (he worked nights) around 5:00 a.m. When he opened his front door and walked in (when you go in you are looking straight through his living room into the open kitchen) he saw an old woman, kind of hunched over, as if she were walking slowly. Funny thing was, she wasn't going anywhere. When he turned on the lights she vanished. He turned them off again but she didn't reappear. They moved about 6 months later.

I don't know exactly what is in our home, but in the last 17 years that I have lived here no one has ever been harmed, although my 19 year old did have an attack of hyperventilation once while in his bedroom next to the restroom. He told me that he wonders if it were somehow brought on by whatever is here. I would like to find out just who or what is here though.

......................Since that time we have had an increase in activity in our home and I thought that you might find it interesting.................... I will continue on.
We continue to have experiences like those listed in the first post, but things have really accelerated since last June. And now 'it' seems to have taken a liking to my 10 year old son and a seven year old nephew, as well as continuing to let itself be known to me. I have tried to keep an account of what has occurred since then and for brevity I will list those events as I have them recorded.

July 2000--I was online reading one night, and the site I was on was telling how the webmaster was using his digital camera to take pictures of orbs and such. As I had the same model of camera handy I got it and started to take some pictures through our home. Afterwards I downloaded the shots to my computer. When I looked at them I had a shock. I took one in our kitchen and in front of our stove/oven there was a kind of mist or something. I zoomed in on it and very clear in the front was the image of an elderly woman who appeared to be either screaming in agony or in great pain. Now this in itself was bad enough, but considering where this was on the picture it REALLY shocked me! You see, the oven had once belonged to my Great Aunt, who was brutally murdered in 1986. I will not go into specifics but suffice it to say that she suffered immensely. Her murderer was eventually caught and currently sits on death row awaiting execution. This really bothered me and others in my family.

August 5, 2000-- We had gone to a concert and upon returning home we had our 2 sons go and get ready for bed. My nine 10 year old (9 at the time) went to the laundry to put up his dirty clothes. When he was just about to open the door to the laundry room, which is a bifold door, he suddenly screamed very loudly and ran back into the kitchen. When we asked him what was wrong he told us that he saw something black come out from behind the wall where the laundry room hallway opens into the foyer and living room. This is the EXACT spot that I wrote about in my first story, when I said that I would notice someone standing to my left while I sat in the living room. He said that it jumped out towards him and he didn't stick around to find out where it was going, as he was breaking the sound barrier getting back into our kitchen. So as not to scare him any worse than he already was I simply explained it away as shadows and such.

11/21/2000--This morning after getting the kids off to school I laid down on my bed to watch some TV. At approximately 10:00 a.m. while watching "The Color Purple" I saw a "large black figure about 6 feet tall, about the size of a good sized man", walk or glide past the doorway of my bedroom going from left to right. It moved at about the speed that a normal person would walk. I told it to begone in the name of JESUS CHRIST and I didn't see it again.

11/22 thru 11/25/2000--After lying back in bed after getting the kids off to school, each morning just as I was about to get to sleep, "something" either hit or pushed down on the bed beside me very hard and rapid. I awoke each time to see the bed still moving. The last morning that this has happened (so far), this happened for 4 times in a row, just as I was about to go back to sleep. I awoke each time to see the bed still moving.

12/2/2000--At approximately 12:15 a.m., while I was online reading and surfing the internet, my computer chair was "pushed" from behind and kind of from the right side and moved about 4-5 inches ahead, and about 2 inches to my left as I looked at the screen. When I looked around, I expected to see someone there who had pushed it but no one was there. Again I told it to be gone in the name of JESUS CHRIST. It is now 1:25 a.m. and nothing else has happened so far.

Approx. 7/2001-- Our nephew who is 7 was staying with us and in the mornings he would awaken before the other kids and would sit in my 10 y/o room and play video games and Legos. This one day after I had awakened, I was joking with the kids about something that no one would admit to doing, and told them that 'the ghost must have done it'. My nephew then proceeded to tell me that either that morning or one previous he had been sitting in my 10 y/o room playing early in the morning and happened to look toward the door. When he looked at the door he saw a 'white blob or mass' come up in front of the doorway and stop for a while as if it were looking at him. While he was looking at 'it', after a few seconds 'it' then moved off towards my computer area as if it were walking through the doors, which were closed. He looked out here but it was gone. A few months later I asked him about it again and he gave me the exact same description as the first time. At this time I asked him if he knew how tall it was and he showed me a height above the floor, which would have been around 3 to 4 feet tall. What startled me was that no older than he is he knew what it was and that it was watching him before it 'walked' on and disappeared.

8/29/01-- Tonight, around 10:30 p.m. EST my 10 y/o son was in the shower. Around 10:35 or 10:40 p.m. he came out of his room into the kitchen/dining room area and started to talk to me while I was watching the end of a movie on the kitchen TV. His bathroom is off of his room, which in turn is connected to the kitchen/dining room where I was at. I was really half listening as he started but when I heard what he was saying I listened pretty intently. He said that a few minutes before he had been showering and had turned around towards the shower door and saw someone through the glass door kneeling on the bathroom floor, about 1 1/2 feet away from him, which he thought was me tying my shoes. When I asked him to describe what 'I' looked like he said that the hair was about the same color, around the same build as me, blue pants, and a 'teal green' shirt. I was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans at the time. I also asked him if he could see the face but all he could see was the arms in addition to the above description. I asked him if the arms looked like mine, regarding how much hair on them and color (whether paler or not) and then he told me that he could kind of see through 'me'. He said that he was looking down towards 'me' and he could see the ceramic tiles faintly through the figure. He was going to talk to me when he saw this and turned around towards the faucet knob and then back towards 'me' and when he looked back he said that 'I' was not there then. But then he looked towards the bathroom doorway, which he always leaves open, and he saw 2 columns of what he said was white light/mist which were about 1 to 2 inches wide and about 4 feet tall. When he saw these columns of whatever, he said that they then moved rapidly towards each other and then crossed each other and continued on past each other until they reached the bathroom doorway frame on each side, and then they reversed direction and crossed each other again. This doorway is 32 inches wide. When they came to the original positions that they were initially at, they disappeared. He said that it scared him so he reached up, turned off the water, opened the shower door, grabbed a towel, and ran out of the bathroom. When he got out in his bedroom, he stopped and semi-clothed himself. Then he went back into the bathroom to turn off the light.

When he reached to turn off the light, he said the shower suddenly shot out a stream of water like it had been turned on for about 2 seconds and then went back off. Of course, he was scared again and that is when he ran to where I was at. While I was listening to him tell me this, about mid-way through what he was telling me we both heard 2 loud impacts from his bathroom, which sounded to me like someone had either hit the wall between his bathroom and the dining room or kicked it. We went into the bathroom to check on this and we found a shower caddy basket that sticks into a corner wall of the shower with 4 large suction cups lying in the shower floor.

This shower caddy has been hanging there for at least 6 to 8 months and has never fell of before. It just happened to fall while he was telling me what had happened. (It has never fallen since either.)

11/8/01-- This morning after my 10 y/o left for school, I sat in my living room and fell asleep.

At approximately 9:45 a.m. I was awakened by someone VERY LOUDLY whistling as if to wake me up and get my attention. This whistling was the common whistle where you are whistling to call someone's attention and get them to look towards you. It WAS NOT on television nor was it outside. It was inside the living room with me and was very, very loud. After this I went and laid down on my bed and had just closed my eyes and gotten comfortable when the mattress was 'shoved' from side to side. This shoving was done in the foot area of the mattress and I felt the mattress go back and forth about 3 times. I raised up but saw nothing except for the mattress moving. I laid back down and again after closing my eyes and getting comfortable the bed was 'shoved' again. This time it was not moved from side to side but was pushed down and released several times, rapidly. Again, I WAS NOT asleep. I was wide awake but with my eyes closed. When I felt it this time my legs from my knees down to my feet felt like a cross between being numb mixed with a shocking feeling. After this second time, I raised up in bed and out loud told 'it' not to bother me anymore and to leave in JESUS' name. It did not happen again.(yet)

I apologize for the length of this post but I was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on these occurances for me. These are just a few of the more 'memorable' things that occur here, and even as I sit at my computer each day or night I continue to see the white 'blur' from the corner of my eyes, and even see and feel someone come up beside me along with a cold feeling, as if they are standing here looking at what I am reading or writing.

Georgia, USA
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