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Norwegian Fly

December 2002

My story is not a ghost story as such, more of a very frightening experience brought on by my own stupidity.

I am going back to February 1972 in Voss, Norway where the temperature was minus 20 degrees.An important point. I was on winter warfare training with about 30 other British soldiers. During the 6 weeks we were there, a few of us had a go on the Ouija board. Needless to say, as there were about 6 of us, everyone was messing about. Nothing happened.

A few days later most of the lads went into the mountains, leaving myself and one other soldier in the billet.

We went to the club and bought a crate of beer each and returned to the billet for a session. After a few drinks, we decided to have a go on the Ouija board, pieces of paper with letters and numbers written on them.
"Is there anybody there?" You can imagine the scene. 2 lads, tipsy and messing about with something we did not understand. After a few "anybody there" we got an answer. It spelled out YES. Who are you I asked."I am a fly" We stopped for another beer and didn't do it for 15 minutes. Then again asked " is anybody there?" "Yes" again I asked who are you, and again I got " I am a fly" As you may imagine we didn't take this seriously at all. We had another can then asked yet again "is anybody there?" Again "Yes" again I ask who are you? You can imagine my horror when the reply came "I am a fly" and at that moment a large fly landed in the centre of the board. I flattened the fly, scooped up the paper and threw it all into the stove fire we had burning. I and my buddy didn't have another beer but retired to our beds.

All night long, in the dark all I could hear was the sound of something flying up and down the room buzzing. I have never touched a Ouija board since.

I know this sounds far fetched but I swear on my oath, this is a true story.

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