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Not Al, Tim The Toolmans Assistant

Josiah Fourman, Ohio, USA
March 1998

This didn't happen to me but to a friend's dad. One night I went over there to visit, I am fascinated by ghosts, so where ever I go, my group gets on the topic of ghosts. Here goes.

It was late night, my friend's dad, George, was sitting in the main room at the back of their house watching television. He was positive no one was awake. Yet out of the corner of his eye he saw a man plainly dressed in blue jeans, and a Red Flannel shirt. The man was about mid-fifties. He was standing at the oven and looked to be cooking something in it. The old man turned and walked to the stairs to the basement and went down. George got up and rushed over to see nothing. About a month or so later he saw the ghost again, it was about the same time of night. George was walking to the front of the house to go upstairs to go to bed. He walked passed the short hallway containing the downstairs bathroom, inside the doorway he saw the ghost finish shaving, walk out, and vanish. He hasn't seen or heard of it since then, two year ago.

Josiah Fourman, Ohio, USA
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