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Not Alone

Anonymous, India
January 2013

I have always been a very skeptic person that never believed in anything until every possibility was checked closely. I never knew that my habit of getting to the bottom of every situation might lead me into something really serious and now I think something is always there around me, watching me constantly.

It all started 5 - 6 years back in winter. I used to live in a small town of Gujarat in India, a town named Anand which is also known as a milk city. I've always been a center of attention in my class and in my friends. I was a jolly person and loved to laugh. I was good at studies and used to take part in competitions like singing, drawing, sports etc. But all of a sudden things started to change after a night out. I couldn't feel the same positive energy in me anymore. A person who always loved to crack jokes and laugh suddenly started getting mad at mere a few funny comments. I started staying away from my friends and everyone that was closer to me once and spending time alone. I kept feeling frustrated for being watched all the time and negative and sad vibes around me.

That night, it was my friend's birthday and he decided to throw a big ball and invited all of the friends. We had a great time, after drinks, dinner and some fun games it was around 1:00 at night and we decided to head back home. While we were on the way back home, something sparked a discussion in us about paranormal activities and existence of ghosts and spirits. We were talking about it and arguing on some points and suddenly the car was stopped. We all stepped out of the car to see what was wrong with the vehicle but couldn't find a reason. My friend who was driving the car started to locate the problem while others continued arguing on the existence of spirits, they were sharing the experiences and I said, everything being said so far was fake and not possible and I would believe in this only if some ghost really turns up and prove to me that was already dead and I started laughing out loud!!! For a while that silent road was filled with the sound of me laughing. But soon I realized that all of my other friends were staring at me like I had said something I should really have not even thought of saying and a silence again overcame the voice of my laughter. One of my friends yelled at me because what I had spoken and I asked him to calm down assuring him that nothing's going to happen, right at that moment all of us got little scared with a sudden noise. We turned to see what that noise was and we all smiled as it was the car. My friend managed to start a car, and everyone was ready to get in the car to go home.

I turned to the car and opened the door. While I was getting into the car I suddenly felt someone's hand on my shoulder and a whisper that said, "You are not going back alone."

I immediately turned around and looked back as it did not sound like any of my friends and I saw no one. This freaked me out as that thing felt so real. For few seconds I stood there straight looking around if I could see something then got into the car. All the way I kept on thinking if what happened was real. We finally reached home, my friends dropped me off, said good night, and the car sped away and disappeared. I walked to my house, searched for the house keys and pushed the key inside the lock and I started getting the same feeling I had while I was entering the car a half an hour back. I turned to see if someone was there but could see nothing. The clouds kinda obscured the moon and I felt everything around me was filled with a sense of anger and malice, again I heard the same voice that said, "Not alone. Not alone."

I started having a mix feeling of confusion and fear. I didn't know what to do or what was happening. I was trying to understand if it was me just imagining the things or was it happening really. I quickly opened the door and rushed in hoping I would be safe in my house. And things started happening from that night, the haunting began and continued till today.

This is how it all started. I will share more of my experiences in my next posts.

Anonymous, India
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