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Not My Reflection/House on 51st Street

Liz D, Michigan, USA
September 2000

How could anyone be afraid of a mirror? A mirror only shows the reflection of the person looking into it and what ever is its surroundings, right? Unfortunately that's not always true.

I remember this one mirror that we once had. It was a large, oval, wooden framed mirror that hung in my brother's and my room. It looked like a regular mirror and it served it's purpose, yet there was something that disturbed me.

We moved a lot and every time we moved that mirror was always put in my room. I would wake up screaming sometimes, saying to my mother that the mirror had ghosts in it. Now this happened often and when we finally moved to Michigan it worsened. By then I wouldn't even go to sleep because of that awful mirror.

I don't believe it bothered my brother, but I was set on believing that it was evil.

Unfortunately I do remember what I saw in that mirror and it still scares me to this day.

Every night, after my parents went to bed and my brother was fast asleep, something would wake me up. I was never really sure what it was but when I looked across the room, at the mirror, I saw a nightmarish creature in the mirror. It was a young boy, that I was certain of, but it had bright red eyes and it's skin was an awful greenish colour. He would just point and laugh at me. I could do nothing but watch because I was so terrified I couldn't move or speak.

I began to lose a lot of sleep because of this mirror. No one else saw this thing in the mirror or at least no one told me if they did. Every night the same thing would happen. I would be awakened, then the evil boy creature thing would appear, followed eventually by screaming. Soon though this little routine took a turn for the worse.

The thing began to talk to me, not just talking but threatening me. I can't really remember what these threats were seeing as how this all happened several years ago but lets just say, it was quite terrifying.

After several nights of my screaming, my parents finally took the mirror out of the room. They hid it behind a couch that was against the wall near the back door. Now this wasn't a smart move because even though it was behind the couch a small piece of it could be seen. Everyday I would sit on that couch to put on my shoes for school and see that small part of the mirror sticking out. You can guess what I saw in it right? That evil thing was still there taunting and scaring me. I would look over and there that creature was looking at me.

By then my father had enough of that mirror and all of my complaining and what not. One day he took it out back, broke it then burned the frame. To me that's a bit much for someone to do unless they themselves were afraid of it too. I believe that I wasn't the only one that saw things in it yet I still don't know why we didn't get rid of it earlier.

You may think a mirror is a harmless thing but things aren't always what they seem. Some people believe that mirrors are gateways or portals to another dimension or the spirit world. Maybe that was the case with my mirror and that creature that certainly wasn't my reflection.

Liz D, Michigan, USA
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