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Not Scary, Just Strange

March 2005

In October 2004, I purchased a very attractive hand caved slate Ouija Board from a popular on line auction site as we all know and love Ebay. I haven't really used it yet (its still in its packaging that it was sent in) I've had a dabble, but nothing happened.

Well, I used to keep this Ouija board in my car under the seat as my mother refused to have it in the house. But unknowing to her I brought the Ouija board into the house when my parents were away on holiday. I brought into the house for my friend to have a look (as its so beautiful I wanted to show it off! We didn't use it).

On the day of my parents return I hid the Ouija board under my bed, my mom would go mad if she knew where it was (she still thinks its in the car. Best to keep that in mind for the events, which are to follow).

0 Since I brought the board into the house strange things have started to happen, and only in my bedroom. It's always cold even with heating and double-glazing. Unexplained banging and bumping noises come from my room, when the only people in the house are my mom or dad (I'm an only child). One day my dad came home from work early and thought we had intruders up stairs. When he went to investigate he found nothing.

Things of mine go missing for months then found in the strangest of places. One night whilst I was out, my parents were having dinner, they heard an almighty crashing noise come from my room. When my mom went up to see what had happened, she found both my mirror that was on my wall and the mirror, which is attached to the door of my wardrobe on the floor (surprisingly not broken).

Another time, my boyfriend and I had just got into bed (I have a double bed against the wall, he likes to sleep on the free edge whilst I'm by the wall) anyway, like I said we had just got into bed and turned off the light. No more than a couple of minutes later the light goes on and he sat bolt upright looking around the room, then at the pillow then looks at me, rubbing the back of his head and asks "was that you?" He then continued to tell me that someone or something had, "ran their fingers through his hair" not lightly in affectionate way but pressing down on his scalp, which is what made him jump up. Knowing that it couldn't have been me as I had one arm around his waist and I was lying on my other, he was very puzzled. Nevertheless we both had a peaceful nights sleep.

Nothing much happened after that, just the odd banging noise and missing jewelry. Until one night whilst I was staying at my boyfriends house, my mother decided that she'd sleep in my bedroom as my dad was keeping her up with his snoring and thinking she'd get better nights sleep there. Oh was she wrong.

Just as she started to drift off some thing jolted her awake, it was as if someone was under the bed punching through the mattress into her back and the uncomfortable feeling of someone glaring at her.

After a while she drifted back off the sleep, she started having vivid nightmares of being chased by something and woke up several times in the night. Still with the feeling that someone is in the room with her.

When I returned home the next morning, she told me what had happened and vowed that she will never stay in my room again!

I've never had a problem personally, but other people have. May be my mother would have had a better nights sleep in her own bed.

Maybe I should tell her where the Ouija board really is.

Thank you for reading.

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