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Not Such A Normal Campout

Bethanie, MN, USA
July 2007

My story begins on the last day of school where me and my sister have a tradition of going out in the field in the backyard and camping out.

Not too far away, it takes about 10 minutes to walk there. But before we can camp out there we first have to carry the tent and sleeping bags out there. We decided to go out there at about noon so we wouldn't have to set the tents up in the dark. Then when we were trying to pick a spot, we were talking and not paying attention to our surroundings. I looked up and saw an old car from about the mid 70's on top of a hill, I thought nothing of it because we had a junkyard nearby so we decided to camp in that area.

While we were talking my sister was running her hands along the top of the grass and found blood on them. So we looked around and saw blood on the grass in the whole area. We also noticed that we had gotten to the top of the hill. But the car was gone. So we looked around for tire tracks, thinking that someone had driven it off without us noticing but we couldn't find any. We were starting to get scared but we were sick of walking with about 30 pounds of things so we camped a little ways away. Then we went home and came back right before it got dark at about 7:00 and brought our dog named Regal with us so we would feel safer.

We played card games for about an hour, when Regal started barking. We got a little scared but figured it was just coyotes (which aren't umcommon) and Regal would scare them away so we continued playing cards. Then we got bored and went to bed, but before we could get to sleep Regal started barking again and a few seconds later we heard rustling and growling outside the tent, it was so close that we could see the side of the tent moving. We got really scared and huddled in the middle with Regal who had stopped barking and started whining. Thats when we knew that it wasn't a racoon or another animal that would get scared off by a dog, if it was an animal at all.

After a while everythng got calm so we went to bed. It was hard to sleep after that experience so we ended up just sitting there. Then I heard Regal and my sister snoring. I figured that since they could get to sleep I could too. They stopped snoring for about a minute so it got really quiet. About 5 seconds after they stopped snoring I started to hear heavy breathing outside the tent. I was starting to get really scared but was to afraid to go outside in the middle of the night and go back to the house so I scooted closer to my sister and fell asleep.

Nothing else happened through the rest of the night. We got up in the morning and looked around the tent and there were no tracks or anything else that would make anybody think there had been something out there.

We still know that it wasn't just our overactive imaginations. Let's just say we have never camped out there again.

Bethanie, MN, USA
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