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Not Sure If It Was A Dream

South Africa
May 2009

Firstly I would like to say I am not sure if this was a dream or not. At the time it happened it was very real to me but over the months I have started to wonder whether it was otherwise because I haven't experienced anything like this again... at least not yet.

I was lying in bed, it was around six am, I know this because my boyfriend had just left for work. I was dosing off when I heard someone enter our bedroom. Now I stay in a normal three bedroomed house with a lounge and bathroom and a huge well secured garden. Back to the story... I heard someone walk in and sit beside me on the bed; I remember feeling the mattress sinking to the weight of somebody sitting. This person asked me in the sweetest voice whether I would like breakfast, and thinking it was my friend at that time, (the voice sounded very much like hers), I agreed and said that was very nice of her. Then my mind came back to me and I realized that I was supposed to be alone in the house so I asked who are you. Something I did not mention before, I had the covers over my head because it was very cold that morning- and as I asked who it was I tried to take a look.

I remember having this sickening feeling in my tummy, like whatever it was that was talking to me was decayed. 'IT' grabbed the covers and tried to strangle me with my blankets. I started swearing because my grandmother always used to tell us that you must be firm with evil spirits and when swearing didn't help I started reciting Psalm23. That's when it finally let go and walked out of the room. I was so unnerved for a while but finally managed to sit up and lo, the door was slightly ajar. I mention this cause my boyfriend always closes the door because our passage gives me the creeps.

I would just like to know if anyone has ever had a similar experience. Was it a demon or a ghost? Or was I simply dreaming...

South Africa
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