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Not What I Hoped For

April 2006

Hi I've read a lot of the stories on this site and thought I would send my own in.

It's quite strange because know one else says what I did but it's a 100% true I assure you.

This happened two years ago. We just moved in to a flat we were renting for 6 months and everything was fine. Now and again a light would turn off and then turn itself on again and we just thought that it had a faulty wire somewhere, but since we were only renting it for a few months it didn't bother us.

A friend rented the same flat 6 months before us and nothing happened to him besides the lighting going on and off.

On to the main part of the story.

My son was 18 moths old at the time and he usually slept through the night. In the master bedroom as you walk in the door there is a wardrobe, beside that the bed and beside the bed we had our sons cot. you can see all this when you open the door all the way. So we're all asleep and all off a sudden my son cries out this terrified cry like he's scared and starts pointing at the wall beside the door crying "scared, get it." on and on pointing his finger round the room, and every time he points at a different place in he room saying the same thing.

I ended up having to take him into my bed to calm him down and wait till he fell asleep and hen put him back in his cot. This is at 1am it started at.

The same thing happened for the next 4 months and by this time I'm dreading 1am approaching. By half way though the 4 months I've had enough and can't wait till our contract runs out. My son wakes up, same thing again, once he's asleep I put him back to his cot, but I can't sleep so I go into the living room. Where our sofa is you can see in to the hallway and you can see both the bedrooms. Bedroom number two was too small for my son so was used for storage. So I'm sitting in the livingroom looking out into the hallway with a glass of water when I see this big shadow walk from the front room into the kitchen and back again. From my sitting position and layout of the flat you can see everything from the front door to the kitchen and rooms.

At first I thought it was my imagination since it was 1.30am but two minutes later and I saw it again going from the front door, into the kitchen, out the kitchen to the front door, but this time instead of disappearing it came back from the front door and went straight through the door into the main bedroom. Two seconds later my son wakes up and starts again with him pointing round the room telling me he's scared and to get it.

When that shadow was walking round I felt really cold and a sense of dread wash over me and when it went into main bedroom and my son started crying I was terrified because I do anything to make it go away.

We couldn't wait till our contract finished and when it had and the agent asked if we would like to renew it, we couldn't have said no quick enough.

I'm sorry for writing so much but I feel better now that I've shared it and hope you enjoyed it although you wouldn't of if you were there.

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