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Not Yet Cutie

March 2005

Well, I must say that during my 20 and so years of existence I've witnessed a lot of paranormal phenomena, this in particular happened to me while I was lending my social service in my University, around a year ago, oh and just so you know, this is a 100% true story.

I was in charge of a specific area in the Electronics Laboratory, and had as only assistant a girl(her name is not of any relevance to this story), at that time in the Lab. there was a shortage of social service lenders, it was just me and the girl to take care of the lab for the hole day of service(9AM till 9PM), and even though some teachers were kind enough to help by opening and closing during their classes(while both of us where in our respective classes or eating), there was certain hours late at night that we just had to cover(3 days a week).

I honestly cant remember the exact day of this event, it was one of those days that we had to stay late, usually the girl's father picked her up on his way home from work, but this day he page her to let her know that he wouldn't be able to do it that day. So being the gentleman I am, I walked her to her bus and wait for her bus to arrive, now the bus she needed to ride had this fame of taking too long to complete its run, so by the time she was heading home it was around 9:20PM, down here in the buses stop taking runs at 10:20PM, so I was just a little worried that I might have to pay a cab to get home, never the less a bus came around somewhere near 9:30 and I felt I was lucky, what to say, I couldn't be any less prepared to what would happen once I got home.

Well, as soon as I arrived I noticed that all the lights were off, I didn't make nothing out of it since that day my mother and father went out, my sister was in her work and would arrive later night and my brother was out taking his Japanese class, so I just got in there.

Just so you know, once you pass the outer door, you get into a small yard, then stepping into the house theres the kitchen and after the kitchen(by that time) there was my parents rum, which bed was in the corner of the room hidden by the kitchen, so you have to turn right from the end of the kitchen to look at that corner. And my room(that I share with my brother) is turning left from where the kitchen starts, and in the far left bottom of my room and to the left is my sisters room, wow, I hope that's clear enough.

Anyway, I let the door to the yard open to have some light, as I was about to turn on the light in the kitchen I started to hear what I first thought was a faint laughing comming from my parents room, I was surprised, but since my mom doesn't turn the light on if she wakes up to answer the phone, I thought that maybe she was talking to an aunt which whom she gets along very well and talk for hours over the phone, so I went down there, in my way through the kitchen I could still hear that laugh, now I was certain it was a female voice, but as I was nearing the end of the kitchen the way I understood the sound also changed, suddenly I realized it wasn't laughter, its was weeping, when I reached the door of my parent's room I knew that the sound came from a little girl weeping and it was coming from the bed's corner so I had to enter and turn right to be prepared for whatever I could saw in there.

When I turned, there was nothing there, but the weeping changed again, now it was no longer weeping it was chatter in a voice that seemed like an adult lady(not old), it was coming from somewhere around me and it turned all over the room, till suddenly it just stopped, I wasn't afraid, cause as I said in the beginning of my story I've seen far worse, never the less I was nervous and waited there for like a minute to see if I could catch the phenomena again, it was useless(all of this happened with all the lights in my house turned OFF except for my room's).

So I walked back to my room, turn the kitchen light on, now I began to get this strange feeling and keep staring at the end of the kitchen towards my parent's room, in my mind I keep think "pssst pssst" and while staring standing in my room's door I said "pssst pssst", just as the last sound came out of my mouth a strong almost inhuman voice answered from my sister's room in a very loud and clear fashion "PSST", I jumped in my spot and turned as fast as I could, when I got in the room there was nothing there just this uneasy feeling left behind, now what happened a few days later is what really started to worry me.

My mother always says that all of us speak in our dreams, bare with me this will proof relevance in a second, now my father is the least to do this, but when he does hold down to something, he says really freaking stuff, he didn't believed in ghosts, but one day he was sleep, when he started telling all the places in our house in which there was a ghost, he went like: "there's one in the library, there's another one next to the guava tree in the back yard, and so on", while both my sister and brother seem to talk to some one, me, well my mother says that I sound as if arguing with some one, sometimes angrier then others.

Well a few days after the psst incident I woke up like 3AM in the morning for no apparent reason, when I was trying to go back to sleep I began to hear my sister chatter in her room, in a very loud way, but as hard as I tried I couldn't make up what she was saying, until the last phrase following the mumbling, she asked: "Is he asleep yet?" and the same strong inhuman voice answered "not yet cutie" in a tone so disgustingly lustful that I stood right up and went into my sister's room consumed by rage against this thing, when I entered the room I could only feel that the spirit or whatever it was went out the door that leads to the entrance yard and turned right to the garden and out of sight, he wasn't any taller than an average person, perhaps just as tall as me(6'4") and he had a human form(I just get this mental impression of the target). Seeing the reaction of this guy I started taking madly and really low: "you better not get caught by me again, or we're having a real trouble, leave her alone", for a few days this presence lasted, always hiding from me or my mother(she can also sense them), then I guess he just left, cause neither my mother or I ever sensed him again.

After he left I told my sister what happened and she said that she doesn't remember any of the chat. Then she said that the first day while she were working she could feel something watching her making her feel uncomfortable, and that she believed that that thing follow her from work every night, at first and then that thing just remained in her room waiting her return, it's possible that, in that night he decided to talk to her.

Thanks for reading.

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