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Numerous Hauntings

Becky, West Midlands,UK
October 2004

I have been reading the stories on this site for a while now, so thought it would be cool to add my own. The following account is about a couple of hauntings that have happened to me and my family, in one of my past houses.

When I was around toddler age we all lived in a house in the Lake District, The house, from the pictures we have, is an old Victorian house that was attached to our next door neighbors home.

When we first moved in my mom and dad noticed that the building was definitely quite old, with a damp smell, it was large and upon entering to your left there was the living room and if you carried on walking there would be the kitchen. Behind the front door were the stairs that lead to the bathroom, and bedrooms.

On the first evening, mom took me to bed, and I stopped on the first few stairs whimpering, 'look at the old man' mom needless to say was puzzled, as she could not see any old man at all, and put it down to my imagination. This old man thing soon became a problem, as I used to go hysterical while being taken to bed. Both my parents had to drag me by the arms up the stairs, screaming my head off, going purple in the face complaining about this man.

In the end mom finally saw this man and mistook it for being dad going to work. She wished him a good day then went into the kitchen. She then stopped and puzzled this over as dad was still upstairs in the bed, and the man whom she had seen had walked through the door without opening it.

The main event that sticks out in my mind that I have been told, is of my moms nightmare that she had had. My mom had decided to have an early night, she lay down and soon she was fast asleep. She then began to have this dream, she was dressed in old Victorian clothing, petticoats, long flowing gowns etc. and was running down this hill towards a graveyard. She had the feeling she was being chased, by something. She ran into this graveyard and stumbled into an open hole in the ground. By this time in bed, mom was slowly beginning to wake up from this odd dream. The thing that had been chasing her caught up and began to push her head into the ground, however in the bed mom felt an invisible force pushing her head into the pillow, this was continuous and so she started screaming, though because she was so scared her screams were mere whispers. As soon as she was about to give up struggling the thing stopped, and mom managed to have a very restless sleep after.

In the morning she told our next door neighbor, baring in mind mom had been in the pub the night before and so that dream could have been the consequence. Our next door neighbor laughed reassuring mom that you could never trust that pubs' beer. However this realy didn't help matters as I was on medication to get up the stairs and sleep, mom began to think this was what had started it all off.

A couple of weeks later the next door neighbor came running round to our house waving the local newspaper. It turned out that a maid that had been working in a hotel that was near too the setting in moms dream, had been working the late shift when something had begun to push her head forcefully to the ground. An exorcism had taken place and the spirit must have found my mom first.

Thank you for taking the time to read this as I have been meaning to write all this down for ages.:)

Becky, West Midlands,UK
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