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Nursing Home I Worked In

November 2004

I am a CNA in a nursing home that was built on top of the remains of an old Catholic hospital. I have worked there for over 13 years and have experienced many things.

My uncle was once a resident here and one day as I was giving him his daily bath, he asked me to tell the people to go away. I asked him what people and he said, "The people over there staring at me!" I turned to look, and of course did not see anyone. His was not the first sighting in that room. Others, who had occupied the room, had complained of people going in and out of the room and bathroom and some of my fellow CNA's had seen dark shadows of people in the hall.

The call lights down at that end of the hall would go on all the time and no one would be there to light them. I discovered that room was built over the site of the old morgue. The last resident to occupy that room, before he passed on, told me that he would see people all the time. He would hear rustling in the bed next to him when he had no roommate at that time. He finally could not take the noise and sightings anymore and asked his son to get him some holy water. After he sprinkled the water all over the room, and said a prayer, he had no more sightings.

I am not one who is lucky or unlucky enough to see things, I only feel or sense them. I have been touched on my head and my shoulder has been patted as if to comfort me. I have seen, as I am giving a resident a shower, curtains and towels move, as if some one brushed by them as they were walking by. I have sensed being watched, mostly, I feel, by a child. Laundry barrels have moved by themselves, noises heard, and, believe it or not, nuns have been seen. In fact, when something unusual happens, we just say that the nuns must have done it.

There are times that I feel someone behind me and it has gotten to the point that when I stare at a space, the aide I work with will now ask who it is. I can't see who is there, but, I know they are. I have seen the opening of a door that was faster than the blink of an eye and sensed a small boy "visiting" us as we worked. We have experience the smell of roses and know some one who loves us is around.

Things have quieted down a bit, lately. Perhaps, holy water was all that was needed, but, the little boy still visits us once in a while.

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