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Ocean City

Kristen, Maryland, USA
August 1999

Every year since I was about five years old my family and I went to Ocean City on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a weeks vacation. The summer when I was seventeen I was engaged, (a little young, I know) and we took my fiance with us to the Ocean that year. Well, we stayed in a hotel on 5th street called The Washington Apartments. It's really well known for being a dump and also there was a rumor that a man beat his girlfriend to death in one of the apartments and kept her corpse in a closet for the rest of his vacation. They didn't find her body till after he left and she was badly decomposed and severely beaten.

That was in the 60's. Well, my fiancee and I came back to the apartments after going to dinner and shopping on the boardwalk. He was very tired and grumpy from walking all day and was ready to go to sleep, but I wanted to go to a dance club. We then got into a very heated argument about things and our relationship. He got angry and stormed out of the apartment. I was upset and I laid in the bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke up and it was about 3:30 in the morning. I got up and walked out into the living room of the apartment. There was a lady siting on a beach chair. I was scared and I said "Who's out there?". She didn't say anything but got up from the chair and came over to me. She then calmly said "Everything will be okay. Donnie (my fiancee) would never ever hurt you".

I was really upset by this because she knew his name. I said "How do you know?" Then she said "angels know everything and all people have problems and there are angels to help you see the light, and they're helping Donnie too." Then she left the room and faded away as she walked to the door. About ten minutes later my fiance came in the door with roses and a card and told me he loved me and told me he had a serious change of heart and that he needed me.

He told me that I was his angel.

Now we are married and have a beautiful baby girl. Whenever we fight we both have a funny feeling and make up immediately. I think one lady who knew ups and downs of a relationship came to help us have a better life together then her and her man had.

Kristen, Maryland, USA
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