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Cathy, Hawaii, USA
October 1998

This is what is supposed to be a true ghost story form Japan...(see explanation on the bottom why it must be a true story)

A Long time ago, back in the days when the Japanese people use to wear kimono frequently and had their hair styled differently, there lived a husband and wife in Edo (about the 1600's). The husband was having an affair on his wife. After a while he got tired of her; and with the suggestion of his mistress, he killed her with poison. Mind you that back then, all poisons were not that effective. Sometimes they slowly killed. This was the fate of his wife, Okin. She first started to notice something was a miss when she combed her hair. Her hair was falling out as she combed. Then, she got extremely sick. She was bedridden while her husband still went around with his mistress. While bedridden, she started to bleed from all sorts of lesions that appeared from her body. When she looked in the mirror to check, her face was extremely disfigured from the lesions. Her face was puffy. She had lumps on her head with sparse bits of hair. She cried and cried for her husband to take care of her but he didn't want anything to do with her....Eventually, she died...

After her funeral, she came back to her husband. "Why?" She would ask him. He would scream his head off and Okin would disappear. Later the ghost got more insistent. "Why did you kill me, husband? I was a good wife to you? Why?" She kept on appearing to her husband constantly. Then, when he went to his mistress's house, she appeared there in front of them. "Is this the reason why you killed me?" She asked him. He went berserk and confessed and told her to stop bothering him. His mistress, not believing it was a ghost tried to stab her. Then she told them that she would haunt them for the rest of her life....Which caused them both to go insane.

The reason why I say it's true?

First of all the story is well known throughout Japan. It is sort of a story that is re-told during O-Bon season when we pray for the dead. And lastly, there is a grave with an inscription that reads "Okin" in Tokyo (which was called Edo during those times). It is in downtown, between two big office buildings. In the middle is this grave. If the desks in each of the buildings are faced away from the building, the person who sits there gets extreme bad luck, so all desks in both buildings are facing the grave. Beyond this gravesite is a small house in the back. This is where the caretaker lives, and this is the place to pray for poor Okin's soul. They get lots of visitors at this shrine.There are some reports that people still see this ghost.... looking for her husband who killed her.

Cathy, Hawaii, USA
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