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Oklahoma City Baby Ghost

Lynne, AK, USA
July 2001

We all know the story of the Oklahoma City Bombing, of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that took place on April 19, 1995. I worked for a Law Enforcement Agency in the area and spent many hours in the rescue and recovery efforts.

Almost a year later we had friends in from New Mexico who wanted to see the Memorial Fence (before the new memorial was built). My oldest son was almost 3 at the time, and as we were walking along the fence that had all the pictures and ribbons, and things tied to it we passed a teddy bear that started talking in a small child's voice. I thought it was a motion detector and tried and tried to get it to go off again, but never it never would.

A bit farther down the sidewalk, my 3 year old said "mommie, look at the baby". I thought he must be talking about a baby doll on the fence, however there were no dolls on the fence in that area, but he kept insisting that "Mommie, theres a baby right there. Finally I told him " Hunny show mommie where the baby is", he walked over to the fence, put his little hand THROUGH the fence and said mommie that baby girl is right over there".

They always say kids can see and feel things that we can't. I believe he was seeing one of the babies that died that day.

To this day he tells me how many guardian angels we all have and can even tell me who they are, some of whom died when he was a tiny baby.

I love and encourage my child's gift.

Lynne, AK, USA
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