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Damion Steele, Liverpool, UK
April 2010

I moved into a house in Bebington on the Wirral in the north west of England 2 years ago.

The house is nice enough, quite spacious and most people who come to the house say that they find the general atmosphere of the place quite welcoming so I don't believe the spirits in the house are malevolent in nature, however things that have happened here have been quite...well creepy.

Shortly after we moved in once we'd finished unpacking my mother started to notice things moving around. She just assumed that either me, my step father or one of my siblings moved them around however when she mentioned it to any of us we had no idea what she was talking about. For a while this was all that happened, months passed and then something else happened while I wasn't around.

I was out for the night and my mother was taking some washing downstairs when my step father called her from their bedroom. There are 3 flights of stairs each separated by a landing with a landing at the top of the house which is where my bedroom is located, when my step father called my mother she looked up the stairs to answer him. She could see the landing outside my room when she looked up and was quite startled to see a woman dressed in old fashioned clothing looking down at her quite quizzically. When I got home the following day and she told me about what happened. I was naturally quite skeptical because as much as I love ghost stories I never thought for a second somewhere that I lived would be haunted.

So some weeks passed after the incident when one night I was in my room reading, quite coincidentally enough, a story on this site when I heard my step father scream from downstairs. I thought something had happened and ran downstairs to see what was happening. When I got downstairs I saw him on the floor outside the living room looking quite startled so I asked him what happened. He told me when he turned off the light in the living room he saw a black figure appear in the corner. I looked into the room and there was nothing there at all, I told him he must have been seeing things and was quick to dismiss the incident.

What happened to me next however made me less skeptical of what my family were saying. It had been about a month since the figure in the living room incident and I was alone in the house one day on the computer in my bedroom. Suddenly the light in my room swung and smashed on the ceiling, the window was shut and it wasn't a windy day so there were no drafts at all. I thought the incident was odd but didn't really think too much of it until a week later when the exact same thing happened. I mentioned it to my parents who both joked and said it must have been the ghost. We all pretty much laughed it off and then not much happened for a while, occasionally my mother would see the lady by my bedroom which at that time I still didn't fully believe myself being ever the skeptic at that time.

Then I started having other encounters. I started seeing things in the mirror, nothing particularly fascinating just flashes in the corner of my eye that I dismissed mostly because there were other people in the house when they happened. I thought it could have been my younger sisters or brother, but one time it happened consistently through the day when I was alone in the house. Every time I looked in the mirror something would catch my eye then vanish, this shook me a bit but I still dismissed it. As I say I love ghost stories, and I am very open minded but I just could not accept at all the possibility of MY house being haunted as time went on I kept on dismissing things and more things kept happening like things going missing in my room then turning up days later.

The first time I started to accept it was when my mum bought a Ouija Board and her and my step father were going to use it. Ouija Boards freak me out I cannot stand to be in the same house as them let alone the same room so I decided to go upstairs but I made something of a mistake - I insulted the Ouija Board and teased my parents for using it. To this day I have no idea why I did that because they are things that I fear and have great respect for the power of. I also know that I would never use one for love nor money for fear of the affect it may have on me, irrational? Maybe, but I stand by my convictions on that issue.

After I insulted the Ouija board I went upstairs and started becoming very headachy. I came downstairs for painkillers and could hear my parents using the board, this made me very nervous and shaky so I got my painkillers and ran back to my room. After a while I was annoyed because this headache of mine wouldn't go away and my nose started to bleed heavily so I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I looked in a mirror then once again I saw something move behind me and once again I dismissed it saying I was tired so I was seeing things. I then went upstairs and had a very bad night's sleep, waking up from several nightmares. The next day I pretty much demanded the Ouija Board be removed from the house which it was and I was ok for a while after that.

Most recently I had been wondering why exactly if my house was haunted was it only my mother and step father who saw anything substantial like figures? It was about 4 weeks ago that I started seeing things and hearing things that were particularly compelling and I just could not ignore. The first thing that happened was that I was in the house alone and I could hear someone walking around upstairs. I thought it was odd and as I had so many times before just dismissed it and then it started happening much more frequently. Then one night when my siblings had been put to bed I heard what sounded like furniture being moved coming from my sister's room. I ran up to check on them and to see what they were doing, when I went into the room they were sound asleep and nothing had been moved. I did a quick look around the room next door and the spare room downstairs to try and see what I heard, but there was (surprise, surprise) absolutely nothing. When I told mum what had happened I managed to crack myself up at how much of a cliche the story was.

After that there was a night that I will never forget. It started when I was woken in the night by very heavy footprints stomping around the house and up and down the stairs. I got up and looked round to see if any of my siblings were awake, but like the furniture incident it was late and they were very sound asleep. I went back to my room and this stomping around resumed so I got up and decided to get a drink. As I was going downstairs I could see into the living room and was very startled to see a column of white light in the room between the coffee table and the sofa. I went into the room and as soon as I was by the door it had vanished. It was so bright that it sort of imprinted on my eyes like when you look at a light bulb too long and you see colours. What struck me about it was that it didn't seem like a ghost in the traditional sense, there was no figure in the column it didn't look discernably...well...humanoid. It was literally a pillar of light, so rather fazed by this I went to the kitchen for some water. Then as I went to the kitchen I looked up - I have no idea why, I just had this sense that I really should from where I was. I could see upstairs outside my parents' bedroom and I saw a black figure walking down the landing accompanied by the heavy footsteps I'd heard earlier, opening my parents door and entering the room.

I think had I run upstairs any faster I would have broken the sound barrier I went to the landing and got there in time for the door to close. I opened I went into the room despite it being very late and my mother being asleep. My stepfather worked nights so it was just me, my mother and my siblings in the house. Anyway I went in and there was nothing there. At this point I was very, very freaked out and went downstairs, had my drink and made to go back upstairs...but then I looked into the living room where I saw a black figure in the corner and it seemed to be sort of flickering like it was there solid then was translucent then becoming solid again. Well I had had enough so I went, made a cup of tea and sat in the yard, in the snow, in my pjs, with a pack of cigarettes and sat there till it was light.

The last thing I'll mention is today's incident. My mother was stripping wallpaper off the walls, my dad was in the kitchen with the kids and I was in the living room. I heard my mum scream and went to the hall to see what had happened, she said she'd looked behind her and seen someone peeking round the living room door at her looking curious. I can tell you I didn't dismiss that, in fact it's what inspired me to come on this site and write this story.

In the end I don't think any of the spirits in my house (I'm convinced there are more than 3 of them) don't mean us any harm, nothing that they have done has been violent and as I said at the start people find the house's general atmosphere to be a warm welcoming one. I think the reason for the things I saw the night when I went outside were just the spirits trying to finally prove to me personally that they were really there because I had been so dismissive. I think that their continued appearances are just them trying to keep us assured that they are there and this is their house too, and I'm happy to accept that I think that they are a part of this house. I also know that if you try to dismiss them, they WILL prove to you that they are there, ha-ha.

I hope you have enjoyed this

Damion Steele, Liverpool, UK
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