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Old House Haunting

NSW, Australia
February 2005

I lived in my old house up until the age of about 11. I now live in the Blue Mountains, Australia. My story takes place in my old house which was located in Wentworthville.

I always had a feeling that my house was haunted. I had never seen anything but i could always feel a presence or presences. I slept with my younger sister in a bedroom that had a balcony that was located on my side of the room and looked out over the pool and some of our back yard. We also had a walk in suite and near our bedroom door we had a little nook that connected to the bathroom.

I have always had a habit of waking up at odd hours during the night. One particular night in Summer (I think it was just after Christmas) I woke up,freezing cold to find an old lady wearing a hair net and a dark dressing- gown standing at the end of my bed,staring out onto the balcony. I lay there looking at her for some time before I got up and jumped on my father who was sleeping in my sister's bed because she was sleeping in my mother's room.

He never even woke up but I felt safe with him even though I had the feeling that the old lady wasn't going to harm me. Being I was only young at the time things would have spooked me out a lot more. As i continued to watch the lady she turned around and walked out into our little bathroom nook.

We also had other experiences in this house. My sister and myself had matching 3- touch lamps on our desks beside our beds.They would turn themselves on and off when no- one was touching them.This of course freaked us out and when we told our father he just said there were gremlins in the electricity. My grand parents went to Fiji and brought us back the traditional wooden face masks and wooden swords. My brother woke up one night to see a man dressed in a white having a look at them and touching them like he was curious.

I only found this out a few months ago when i was talking to a mutual friend of ours. I relayed my story to him and he didn't believe me until my brother piped up with his story.

I have always had a fascination with the supernatural and love to read ghost stories and I have thought about posting my personal experience for quite sometime.

Thank you very much for reading.

NSW, Australia
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