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Old House In The Woods

May 2006

This is a true experience that happened to myself and a couple of friends about 12-15 years ago.

One day in mid-July I was with my friends Jim and John playing in the fields above their house. We decided we wanted to go up into the old abandoned house in the woods and see what we could find.

We came up to the old spooky looking house surrounded by pine trees. The house was about 200 years old so we wanted to see what kind of old newspapers or what-not we could find in there. Jim wanted to stay outside because he thought the house was dangerous, but John and I went in to explore.

We went through the doorway and on into the house. Once we were in we headed over to the stairwell where there appeared to be a boarded up compartment of some sort. We started prying at the boards trying to see what was behind the compartment. We tried for a while but the boards wouldn't budge except for the one we cracked, so we gave up and decided to go upstairs and see what we could find.

Once we climbed our way up the stairwell and started down the hallway we walked into the first room on the left. We started looking through old newspapers when I heard water running. It sounded like someone turned a faucet on. It lasted a few seconds and stopped. I figured it was just water in the basement and thought nothing of it and kept looking around. Then out of the corner of my eye I say a beam of light about as big and round as a basketball that went from the floor to the ceiling slowly move past the doorway. This time we both froze in place and were scared. Next we heard footsteps in the next room. It sounded like someone walking on a hardwood floor. The steps slowly moved across the room and into the hallway towards the room we were in. Just before the steps turned into our room I shoved John and we jumped out of the window. When we hit the ground Jim came running over to see what happened. We told him and he started laughing at us telling us that there is no such thing as ghosts. So we talked him into going up with us to see what was up there if it wasn't a ghost. He was eager to prove us wrong so we went back up to the second floor to see what was in the room that we heard the footsteps in.

When we turned to go into the room we noticed that there was no floor! We ran down the stairs and out of the house. Jim still didn't believe us so we went into the basement to see what we could find to prove him wrong.

We went down the stairs into the basement and started looking around. We noticed a door in the back left hand corner. We ran over to open it to see where it led. I pulled on the doorknob with all that I had. I even had one foot up on the the wall pulling on the door. It was no use, it wouldn't open. It was getting dark so we decided to go back home and come back the next day to open the door.

The next day we woke up and ate some breakfast and made our way out to the shed and got the old axe that was in the corner. We walked back up to the house to break the door down to see what was there. Once we got up to the house we headed down to the basement. We looked over in the corner and there was no door anywhere in the basement. We ran out of the house and I haven't been back since.

A couple of months ago someone that lived up by the house was telling my friend about something evil that lived in the compartment under the stairs in the old house in the woods. What did we disturb when we tried to see what was under those stairs ?

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