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Old Kyneton Hospital

Danae, Victoria, Australia
February 2012

At the age of 4 I left Kennington, Bendigo to live in a small country town Malmsbury which is located between Daylesford and Castlemaine.

I've always found it amusing to scare myself with scary stories and looking up scary ghost pictures online, I thought nothing could scare me. Although I did believe in ghosts and I still do to this day, I never thought I'd actually get the vibes that I was surrounded by many.

Anyways, it came to this one day when I was 14 and me and my best friends Brett and Fern decided that we'd be all tough and head up to the Old Kyneton Hospital and give ourselves a tour. It was blocked off at the time, but being that age we'd decided that we'd go underneath the fence, and through the front door. The front door had been kicked down by someone who had been there previously, but we carried on inside.

The exact moment you stepped inside it felt as if you were up in the snowy mountains, it was freezing! That didn't stop us. First entering the building it had a room to your left and a what appeared to be an old reception area to your right. Going in further they had a room which was padlocked to your right then to your left was a long dark hallway filled with many rooms, which we didn't go as we were to terrified. Ahead of us was an old staircase that instantly sent shivers down your spine just looking at it.

We continued up the stairs and each step we took we thought we were going to go through the floor boards, the railing of the stairs would collapse if you even tried grabbing onto it. We reached the top of the stairs, there was a tiny door in front of us maybe not even a metre high which we were creeped out by. To our right we had another hallway which we did not venture down and to our right we had another hallway and what looked to be an old surgery room.

We slowly made our way over to the old surgery room, taking one step at a time till we felt as if we were being followed. We came to a sudden stand still, all was dead quiet, till we heard these footsteps walk right past us and a gust of wind. I thought I was going to die, we held on to each other and shut our eyes, just until we heard the footsteps slowly head down towards the old surgery room and disappear.

After that I wanted to leave, but my friends insisted that we at least go a bit closer to that surgery room, so not wanting to feel like a sook I agreed. As we made our way closer, real slowly, we heard what sounded like a light bulb flickering, then what sounded like someone giving someone else CPR.

What got us though was that all the electricity in the building had been shut off for years, we looked at each other and bolted. To this day I will not step foot in there again.

There has been a myth that a little boy got locked in the morgue there, and when he came out he was never the same. No one will ever know the truth about that one.

Danae, Victoria, Australia
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