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Old Lady In The Woods

Leni R Logan, New Mexico, USA
December 2005

When I was a little girl of seven, my father was stationed in Bar-Le-Duc, France (he was in the Army). We lived in an area with other servicemen and their families.

One warm and sunny Saturday, all the families got together to have a BBQ and a group of kids decided to go explore the woods behind our houses. We had walked deep into the forest when we came upon an old house, it looked deserted, when all of a sudden an old lady dressed all in black appeared at the door! She looked very scary with wild gray hair, wrinkles and a horrible laugh! All of a sudden she pointed at one little boy and said come here, we all ran screaming back to our parents. When we told our parents all of them said it was probably just an old lady who lived in the woods, but we were so upset that some of the parents walked into the forest with us to check, when we got to the house it looked abandoned, it didn't even have a front door! One of the parents got very mad and told us to stop lying!

A few weeks later during another BBQ, we decided to go back into the forest, we came upon the house, and suddenly she appeared again but this time she started to walk towards us laughing and pointing at the same little boy again. We ran as fast as we could back home, telling our parents once again about the old lady. This time it was my father who got mad but I promised him it was true, I told him there was even smoke coming out of the chimney. So, once again the parents walked into the forest and to the house with us, and once again there was nothing! I was crying and telling my Dad that smoke had been coming out of the chimney, he grabbed my hand and stuck it in the fireplace, the ashes were cold! We were all leaving when my friend and I turned around for one last look and there at the front of the house stood the old lady pointing at us!

I never went back into the forest in the two years that we lived there! I never wanted to see that ghost again!

Leni R Logan, New Mexico, USA
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