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Old Man Chomper

Sera, NSW, Australia
February 2005

Early 2004 my mum decided to move out of home. Being a first time home renter she wasn't very choosey and didn't know what to expect.

We finally rented a lovely red brick 4 bedroom home, with a huge yard. It was around 2 weeks before strange things started happening.

One time I was about to go to bed and as a nightly ritual I checked my cats were safe inside. I was walking up the hallway going into my bedroom when I spotted something that looked like Emmie, my cat, it was hovering and was a tanned color. I only seen it for about 3 seconds and I thought it was Emmie. Only to find Emmie was safe and sound curled up on a chair in the other side of the house. Also we heard glass smashing yet no glass.

Another time (believe it or not) my mum was playing with the dogs when she heard a man yell out "SHUT THOSE DOGS UP!" she checked the house, but no one else was home. And it wasn't the neighbours as they were playing in the house and the house was situated near no one, no neighbours. And my mum was letting my brothers get messy and play in the mud and suddenly she heard a guy yell out again "BATH THOSE BLOODY KIDS!"

My mum was in the shower and felt someone poke her in the bum with something like a pen. But no one was there. And no mark of where it stabbed her.

Last but not least- My nan was driving home from my house to hers and she looked in her rear view mirror, and seen a man with old fashion clothes on and an old wide brim hat. She got home and jumped out of the car as fast as could and yelled "GET OUT OF MY CAR!"

After that the ghost was out of my home. But weird things started happening at nans like I seen a ghost looking back at me in the mirror and cats hissing at nothing, dogs running away and barking at nothing, alot more things too. If you would like to know more, and want to contact me my email is below.

P.S. We named him "Old man chomper"

Sera, NSW, Australia
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