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Old Man In The Door

Charlotte, Birmingham, UK
August 2013

When I was around 7 years old I used to hate sleeping in my own room as I was afraid of the dark and always slept with my mom and dad.

One night my dad was downstairs and as he liked to drink a lot of alcohol he often fell asleep down there. My mom and I went to bed and left him downstairs. My brother, who was 15 at the time, was at his friends so he wasn't around. My mom's room was at the top of the stairs where as mine was straight down the hall way so I was basically facing my room but the hallway was quite long. My mom was facing the window and had her back to me and I was facing my room, at this point my eyes were closed but I felt strange and opened them to see a old man at the side of my door peeking at me. I blinked but he was still there. I awoke my mom to tell her and she just looked and told me to ignore it, I closed my eyes but when I opened them he was still there staring at me. He then winked and disappeared.

What scares me is the fact that the man who used to live in my house lived alone and my room used to have 2 beds in there for what it seemed like two young girls, also my mom used to receive graphical magazines and inappropriate toys that were sent to the house for the old man that once lived here.

A couple years later I am now 15 but last year my best friend at the time was staying at my house. I was laying facing the wall trying to get to sleep but she was singing and dancing. All of a sudden she stopped and started crying and shaking, I sat up and asked her what was wrong after turning the light on she explain she had seen an old man at the end of my bed staring at her. He then winked at her and disappeared, but I hadn't told my best friend about what had happened when I was 7 as I didn't want to scare her, so what she witnessed must have been real.

Charlotte, Birmingham, UK
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