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Old Woman Crying

December 2003

This distinct night I will never forget, for it will be locked in my memory forever. It might not seem so scary for everyone else but it was freakin scary to me!!!! I was about 12 years old at the time.

In my previous house, I had many unexplainable occurrences. However, none as unexplainable as this. One night, I was fast asleep when i heard loud crying. It sounded like my sister. I looked over at her (who at this time shared a room with me) and she was snoring away. Then suddenly, it sounded like my mother was crying instead. Her room was right in front of mine. We had both doors open, and I could see into her room from my bed.

I looked at her and she was sound asleep. Then I heard again but this time from outside my window. The sound of the crying voice seemed to be aged like that of an old woman. Then I heard it rotating in my walls as if I had a surround sound system in my room (which I did not have). Then suddenly I looked in my moms room and I saw an old woman. She had long, white hair and was wearing a long, white dress. She was very white and pale. She was sitting in my mom's chair in front of the mirror, she had no reflection. She looked at me and started walking towards me. I tried to scream but nothing would come out because I was so frightened. I covered myself with my blanket hoping that she would go away. When I looked again she was gone.

I never saw her again but she will always be in my memory.

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