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Old Woman In The Graveyard

Brandy, South Carolina, USA
January 1998

It was the night before Halloween and my friends and I thought it would be fun to go to the graveyard. When we got there we lit some black and white candles and played the Ouija board, we asked it if we could see a spirit in the graveyard and it went to yes, then a big blur appeared and took form. It was a very old woman and we all freaked, two girls chickened out and went home but the other three of us stayed. The old woman walked away into the dark and mist then suddenly the oracle flew across the graveyard and landed on a grave, it was the old woman's grave because it had an very old picture of her on it and said "February,16 1810 - April 21 1885" we told the old woman we were sorry but she just got mad. We all told ourselves we would never do that again..

Brandy, South Carolina, USA
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